Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A lot of my friends blog and I've looked at several blogs just for people's opinions. I think since my life has been a roller coaster ride (or it seems that way to me), I've decided to begin the cathardic process of blogging. I think that my opinions matter (they seem to end up in every newspaper I've submitted to). I think that many people may find my thoughts intriguing or that they may find my life interesting. So without further ado, I begin to blog.

So let's begin at sort of my begging and let you see why I pick the numerous topics I pick to discuss.

I was born in the Bible Belt (Mississippi) actually. And to complicate matters worse I was raised Roman Catholic. So here is a whole slew of topics: racism, growing up Southern, and growing up Catholic in a not so Catholic-friendly environment. Then there are the most current topics for me: pregnancy, child rearing, what is being Catholic, head covering, and being eco friendly (cloth menstrual pads, cloth diapers), etc. Not to mention that I play the flute, I'm an avid reader, and I'm into crafts. So if these things interest you. Stick around.

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