Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Did my title catch your attention? I hope it has. Boobs are cool. They are a great source of nutrition for babies with tons of benefits. You don't have to refrigerate them after use. You don't have to sterilize. You can totally take them with you. And they are eco-friendly because nothing has to end up in a landfill.

So if boobs are so great why aren't people breastfeeding more? I suppose it is the inconvenience of having to pump when returning to work or if you want to be away from the baby for a few hours. Or if your sick, it sucks to have to suckle your little one.

Besides all the great health benefits for mom and baby, I want to breastfeed because I'm cheap. That's my main reason. Not cause I'm into the whole bonding thing (because you can bond even with a bottle) and not because the baby will be less sick. But because I'm a cheapskate. I don't want to deal with paying for formula and bottles and having to heat them on the stove in the middle of the night. I like my sleep too. I don't want to have to take 20 minutes to get a bottle ready and then try to go to sleep again. I just grab said kid and whip out the boobies. My husband will probably have to jab me and let me know that the baby can be put back in the crib again.

Now my mom has warned me about her struggle to breast feed and insists that I'm in for it. So be it. But I don't suppose all those ugly stretch marks on my boobs are because I'm chubby. Plus I don't mind asking for help. My dad claims I would have starved without the bottle, but I think I'll talk to the pediatrician before I give in to the bottle.

My only complaint is that nursing bras aren't pretty. They usually come in three colors: white, beige, and black. I've dug up some sights for the prettier kind but they are pricey: Bravado bras, Evalillian bras, and PassionSpice bras. Maybe I can ask people to buy me a nice nursing bra for Christmas or my birthday. Just to have one.

Anyway...check out breastfeeding info at Le Leche League.


  1. Hi, I just discovered your blog! Every time I pass the baby formula section of the store I'm happy we stuck with breastfeeding because it is soooooooo expensive. I also read something that said that parents of kids who are breastfed usually do save a few hundred dollars in doctor's bills (although to be honest I didn't see it, because my little one is prone to ear infections if water so much as drips past her ear when I wash her hair). We didn't supplement with formula at all and my daughter's been in the 99th percentile since she was born at a whopping 9 lbs 4 oz.

    One thing that helped me a lot at first was nursing shield. It's a little plastic shield you can wear if nursing gets too painful. Nursing was tough for me for about a month and then I found the shield and used it for a couple weeks until my daughter learned to latch on correctly and when I stopped using it gradually it stopped hurting. Just something to keep in mind if your baby nurses a ton and it starts to hurt!

  2. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Warning about the shield (although yes they have their place) I've heard a lot of women have trouble weaning off them. I never used one though, so just letting you know what I've heard. If you need to use one you might look into advice for doing so when its time.

    Lanisnoh is a BF mama's best friend lol. I didn't need to use it long though.

    Other colours in bras would be nice... I tend to stick to the nursing tanks though because they're comfy, fit a better range (cause size changes several times) and makes NIP easier. I got a nice bra at Destination Maternity for a pretty decent price though!

    Cost is one of our big reasons too... Health, convenience, and all the other benefits weigh pretty heavily too, but cost would do it alone lol.


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