Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So now that everyone thinks that I'm a psycho or can't determine whether I'm very conservative or very liberal. I'd thought that I'd share the lighter side of life.

I have two cats. I'm a cat person. Dog people always tell me what crazy things their dogs do. I'll tell you that my cats are nutty too. Yes, they wait for me by the door when I come home. Mostly because they are hungry.

My cats are named Shade and Starbuck (after Battlestar Galactica not the coffee shop). Shade is the long haired gray one and Starbuck is the black one. Shade is about 6 years old. She was my husband's cat. Starbuck is almost a year old and we adopted her as a feral kitten. Starbuck is actually more sociable than Shade.

Both my cats like to sleep on my bed. If I want to lay down and rest (which is often with pregnancy), they sleep with me. They also like to snuggle on the couch. Yesterday while resting, Shade decided to sit on me. Both cats have learned that the tummy is a no cat laying zone. Since I was laying on my side, Shade curled up on the other side and slept there for a good 20 minutes. Shade has also mastered the art of putting her paws on my chest, but she is careful to leap over the belly. I'm sure they know that there's an alien in there. Starbuck prefers to lay down next to me or at my feet. She's a bit dog that way.

Although Shade and Starbuck get into tussles, they generally get along very well. They like to sleep near each other, and as you can tell from the picture, they even sometimes sleep on each other. Well in this case both were stretched out and Starbuck had a foot on Shade. I was surprised that Shade didn't get disgusted (she usually does) so I took a picture.

Don't we all wish we could relax with the people we love like that whenever we wanted to? Enjoy.

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