Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hot Button Topics or The Abortion Issue

I think abortions came to my mind about the time my own fertility came to mind (i.e. menarche). I also remember writing a paper on the issue in middle school. I researched the topic well. I sent for many brochures and learned about the many reasons why women get an abortion. So here is the list that I recollect.

1) can't afford the child
2) was raped
3) mother has health problems
4) not intending to become pregnant (failure of birth control method)
5) not intending to become pregnant (was finished having children)
6) too young to care for a child
7) interfering with school or work
8) child indicated some abnormalities and did not appear healthy
9) over populated world

Okay so here's my personal take on it or why each of these are stupid excuses for killing a person:

1) can't afford the child- why did you have sex in the first place? Every action has a consequence. The action of sex leads to--babies!! Or did you not get this in health class? And not affording a child is a sorry excuse. You can give the child up or get assistance from the government. That's why we pay taxes.

2) was raped- very sorry for you. That totally sucks. Although I must say that most rapes do not end up in pregnancy. Still give the baby up. It's not it's fault that it was not made under ideal circumstances. Then get counseling. You'll need it even if you choose abortion (which I hope that you won't).

3) mother has health problems- again why did you have sex? If your doctor tells you that you have a health issue (say cancer), then why did you have sex? Didn't your doctor tell you that was a bad idea?

4) failure of birth control method- same question: why did you have sex? What did you think the outcome would be?

5) finished being a mother- surprise! It's someone else's birthday. I think this is a silly excuse. If you had children before, what's wrong with having one more?

6) too young- why did you have sex? Didn't your mom tell you that was a bad idea? Anyway adoption is the loving option. You won't be a bad person if you give the kid up.

7) interfering with school or work- There are laws that protect school/work moms. And you can still get daycare through the government. Also there's this thing called adoption.

8) child indicated abnormalities- my kid has indicated abnormalities (he has like less than .5 percent chance of having downs) and I love how the geneticist and the doctors all say "we want you to get an amno because you still have options (or you so you can decide to terminate)" talk about flabbergasted. Is it that easy to discard someone with less than .5 percent chance? What about the fact that he has a 99.5 percent chance of being normal? And they use such clinical language too. "Terminate" "options". Let's speak plainly shall we? You want me to know that I can still have an abortion or can kill my kid. That's ridiculous. Kids with Downs are NOT discardable. They are loving friendly people. And hey, everyone wants a perfect baby, but let's be honest, there's no such thing. My kid could end up with asthma and has a higher chance of developing autism. But there aren't any prenatal tests to scare would-be moms for things like asthma and autism. So before you get yourself all wound up. Take some time to think about what you are doing. I didn't get the amno on purpose. I have no intention of killing my kid so what's the point in potentially harming him just to learn something early that in 10+ weeks I can learn in a blood test. It changes nothing.

9) over populated world- I told a friend of mine that I wanted four children (although after having just this one I'm rethinking that plan). She said that I should have only 2. One to replace me and one to replace my husband after we die. She said that the world is overpopulated. I've heard that before. China heavily regulates the number of children their citizens has. It's not true that we're over populated so we're taxing the earth. We're taxing the earth because we are a materialistic selfish society. If you read my blog about being earth friendly, you'll see that it doesn't take much. But people want to continue living the way they have been and so that's why our planet is going down the toilet. Not because people are having too many babies.

Speaking of babies: why do people who have very little money and very little education have the highest number of babies while the richer and educated only have 1 or 2 or 0? I'm just wondering if the more educated you are, the more terrified of having children you are. Having kids is not rocket science. That's why those who can't even read have 4 or 5 children.

Anyway I digress... abortion is stupid. That's all there is to it. People just make excuses. The bottom line is adoption is a better option and stop having sex. Most of the women are going to be single moms. So why are you having sex in the first place? What will it accomplish? Oh sure it's fun now, but like I said every action leads to a consequence. Sex leads to--babies! So stop having sex if you don't want any babies!!


  1. Agreed.

    Btw I don't know if being more educated necessarily makes you more afraid of having children... but there is a stereotype (which I think is stupid) that if you're smart, you should be smart enough to limit the number you have (or not have any at all). Throw in all the time and effort put into the degrees and everything... it cuts into things. That alone may be an issue for me... We want a large family, but I took 5 years in college and another 2 or so before getting married and having a kid... On number 2 just now & only a year from being 30.

  2. It's definately not acceptable to have a lot of children if you are educated. As I mentioned I have a very educated friend who truly believes that we are over populated. My MIL is one of seven children who lived in a three bedroom house. It's totally doable.

    I don't think that I will have seven children. One: because I'm really too old. I got married later in life. Two: affordability. My hubby is still in school and the type of arena he's getting into doesn't pay well. I'm a teacher so that doesn't pay well. I'd rather avoid welfare if I can help it. But that's another topic.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. LOL Understood. We want 6 kids and is definately possible... but I don't know if it will happen or not. I was 26 when we got married & had our first, and will be 29 when this one is born... we want at least 2 years between our kids if possible for health reasons.. and I should have time for that many with that... but you never know.

    My husband is still in school too btw... we know its gonna be rough for the first bit because of that (although I am not worried about later on) but as expensive as kids are... there are definitely ways to keep it reasonable too (even without welfare, which I'd like to avoid as well).


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