Monday, December 14, 2009

Ahhh!!! There's an Alien in My Belly!!!

He he. I'm a terrible mother. I have no preggo picture of him and me. I guess I can tell him that he's adopted and we found him on the front porch so he better behave or we'll find out who he really belongs to. Something my parents used to tease me about. But I'm more techno savy than my parents or grandparents and I have a video. So I'm going to try and upload some baby dancing around movements. There is about 5 minutes worth of video. The first bit is me prodding him to dance. Then he gets going and eventually I figure out that he's stopped. There isn't really any audio accept background noise. I mean he doesn't have any air in there so there's no sound.


Well it didn't work as planned. I have since learned several things. Youtube is cool. And my camera has a function to compress or minimize the size of the video file. Well, I'm learning.

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  1. Awww! Too cute! I got on like that w/ Kalila but it was on my phone & lost. :-( I can't wait to get one w/ Zavier too... I have seen him kick hard enough to show on my tummy already, but its not happening often enough yet to get a video.


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