Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cleaning the Bathroom or Procrastinating Again

I'm taking a break from cleaning the bathroom. Because I'm so huge bending over isn't pleasant. I have to sit on the floor to clean the toilet and kneel in the bathtub to clean the tub. Plus there are all these smells (no not the poop and pee kind of smells, I mean the cleaning products).

When my husband and I were first married, we had a number of duplicate cleaning products. I hate throwing things away so I kept them. My husband's roommate who is Canadian graduated. He was moving back to Canada and they don't exactly let you take cleaning products on the plane. (Something about being flammable. Geez. Just kidding :) So not only did we have our cleaning products we inherited the Canadian's cleaning stuff as well. Waste not want not.

Anyway...I was working at the time so my hubby and I did the sensible thing and divided up the chores. I took on doing most of the cooking, shopping, laundry, paying bills, running miscellaneous errands, and remembering to send out birthday cards. My husband got stuck with dishes, taking care of his cat (we only had one at the time), vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and any maintenance. He also landed the bathroom. I'm not sure why it takes him half an hour to clean the bathroom when it only takes me 15 minutes but whatever. He likes his cleaning products. And since I was in charge of shopping, I would buy mass quantities (my husband can't seem to find things for a while we had two large containers of soap and several boxes of dish detergent). He also likes the fancy stuff. I could care less. If it does the job, it does the job. You don't need a cleaning product for every different surface of the bathroom.

But since I've been home, I've taken over all the chores except taking out the garbage (because lifting isn't good for me), feeding the cats (I take care of the litter boxes long story about why), and long term investments (he had money before he met me). Now I'm stuck with bathroom cleaning duty.

I clean the bathroom on Wednesdays. I've been neglectful lately because I've had all these pregnancy things going on (doctor's appointment etc). Now the bathroom was starting to look funky. Sure it could go another week before things started to come after us, but I decided now was the time. So I pull out the mass quantities of cleaning products (why do we have two cans of dusting spray in the bathroom?) and start getting to business.

And about 5 minutes in (even with the door wide open and the ceiling fan humming), I have to stop because I'm quite literally getting high off the stuff. I wash everything down and walk out into a different room. I return to brave it and finish cleaning. Now my nose still has that funny tingling sensation. And I feel bad because son has had to "smell" that awful stuff too. This gets me to thinking about Mama Kalila's most recent blog about making laundry detergent. There has to be a better way to clean the bathroom.

So I do a search and I find that you clean with lemon juice, vinegar, baking soda, and salt just fine. I don't have these products in mass quantities on hand, but I will. I've decided after I finish using of all the junk we have now or if we move I'm not buying all those fancy cleaning things. All I can see is my son getting into that stuff and drinking it. I may throw some of it out way before then or give it away to someone else to use. This is something to broach with hubby. He might not like it (he hates wasting things too), but if I tell him that if our son drinks lemon juice and eats baking soda it won't kill him but bleach would, hubby might change his tune. I'm sure that the day care would take the stuff. Hmmm... maybe I can change over faster than I originally thought. We'll see. I've already told hubby that I hate cleaning the bathroom because of the irritating smells.

Anyway... I've ranted enough about my dislike of cleaning stuffs. I should start cleaning dishes. Speaking of another cleaning product to change. My hubby is going to think I've gone bonkers. At least he doesn't use paper towels anymore. I've gotten him to start using our dish towels for stuff. Hurray!! I feel like super eco woman. Changing the planet one person at a time.

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  1. :-D Seriously I started reading this just itching to say something about using those very things (although add in rubbing alcohol & peroxide... some mixes use them for various things)! Although I do have to add, even vinegar & baking soda (my two most used cleaners) can irritate the pg nose... I feel like I'm being drowned in salt & vinegar chips while cleaning the tub lately. They work great though & so worth it. Not just the lack of fumes and safety (because I'm afraid of kids getting into the other stuff too) but price... We buy in bulk at Sams and it hardly costs anything.

    I do use a few more toxic (but still natural) items from time to time though. Borax needs to be put away but is good to have around, as is TTO... that one is expensive but you use it a few drops at a time so that helps. We keep OxiClean around too, don't know that's as natural lol but its nice to have for certain things. All of those I keep locked up in the laundry room though.

    Btw.. Kalila loves eating baking soda... She tries to help but half of it ends up in her mouth still lol (is getting better though). We've never had a problem with it and even our pediatrician laughed about it.


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