Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Go For Launch Update

I'm feeling much better now. I still have a runny nose, but all the stuffiness that causes one to get a headache has gone away. For the most part our duel immune systems and plenty of rest and fluids has kicked that cold virus's butt. The only downer is my body is so used to resting that I'm having a little trouble getting motivated to do stuff. The baby has gotten bigger and I'm not used to the weight. Small steps, right?

Anyway, I went to the dr Monday. That was a fun experience. She did her usual stuff (take my weight, measured me, listened to the heart beat, made me pee on a stick for proteins and sugars). But she also "checked" me and took a skin swab. She was looking to see if I had some sort of bacterial or viral thing on my skin that can be passed to the baby if he's born vaginally. She said it's no big deal if I have it. They just hook up antibiotics through an IV to prevent him from catching it. She said no baby has ever caught it at the hospital I'm delivering at because the hospital and drs are diligent about checking for the infection.

The skin swab wasn't bad. But she checked the cervix. She said that I'm starting to diliate and thin out, but am not even a centimeter. She described it as a dimple. She told me that if I wanted to drive about two hours away for after Christmas shopping that I would be fine. So no he's not a Christmas baby. But we're getting there. She said she could feel his head. My husband was a little confused by that statment because it's not like you could feel his scalp or hair. I think she meant that through all the tissue she could feel his head. She said it was down there but needed to come down further (more walking for me). She said she thinks he's tall, but not very heavy. Tall is good. I can handle tall.

The exam itself wasn't uncomfortable but the part afterwards was alarming especially to my husband. She warned that I would have some light bleeding and that I would continue to spot from time to time as things opened. She handed me a panty liner (thank God because I haven't carried that stuff around for ages) and left the room. I stood up still covered by the paper sheet and next thing I know blood's running down my leg. So here is this funny sight of me trying to keep from dripping blood on the floor and my husband scrambling for the near by tissue box so I can wipe myself up. Of course I can't really see anything so hubby's eyes get real big and he announces that I need to probably rinse off in the shower. He asked me if the exam was painful or anything and I told him no not at all. It's to be expected there's a lot more capillaries and vessels in that area and I've built up a bigger supply of blood than I've ever had.

Next time I think I'll be a little better prepared and tuck the paper sheet between my legs when I stand up that way I've got something to keep the dripping from getting everywhere. Poor hubby, I'm glad that he's not queasy about blood because labor and whatnot makes you bleed a lot. And now I'm going to have to get out my stash of pre-pregnancy stuff and keep a couple of pantyliners on hand in case of spotting.

Ah, yet another reason pregnancy sucks. There's no lovely warning like you get with your period.

Oh, also went to the dentist today to get my teeth clean. Gingivitis is really normal with pregnancy so the hygentist wanted me to come in again. Anyway, she leaned the chair back so far that the blood started rushing to my head and made me feel light headed and hot. She ended up having me sit more in a semi-sitting position and I bent my knees. After that she could finish cleaning my teeth much easier. If anyone who is preggo goes to the dentist, I would recommend that you tell them not to sit you all the way back. I knew that it might be a problem, but she sat me way far back and now I know just to speak up next time.

Yet another reason why I hate pregnancy. Well it will be all over soon enough and then I can go back to being "normal".


  1. Glad things are getting better... That's weird about the bleeding thing though. I know little bits of blood can come out w/ the show sometimes, but... wow. I didn't even have any when my membranes were swept at 41 weeks. I did, however, have some (err a lot) when they did my papsmear at 7 weeks.. that was awful.
    Anyways, hope you have a great Christmas!

  2. It might be me then. Don't know. I'm not a heavy bleeder, so maybe it was the doctor? Not too worried it wasn't like I bled for two hours. I just initially gushed for like one minute.

  3. Yeah everyone is different... I'm curious why she said it might happen though, if its happened to her patients before. I wouldn't be worried about it either though. Well, I would be a little because I'm Rh neg and any bleeding equals shots (but at the point you're at I'd have just had one anyway lol), but if I wasn't I wouldn't worry either.

  4. Well I'm lucky. I've avoid any sugar/protein issues. I don't have ges. diabetes or high blood pressure. I also don't have to worry about RH neg. I'm positive and so is hubby. I'm just big and uncomfortable. I suppose that means that there will be complications in labor. My luck doesn't ever stay good for long. I keep praying for not having a c-section, but it might happen.


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