Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

3...2....1....Happy New Year!!!

Hubby has strep so today has been yet another holiday filled with chicken noodle soup. He's been feeling a little tickle in his throat but the weather has been so dry that he didn't notice until last night how much his throat was killing him. He didn't want to take anything last night (I have to fight with him over taking better care of himself). And this morning he him hawed over going to the doctor. He went and they gave him a script. I was glad because they would have been closed tomorrow (today) because of the holiday.

Today (yesterday) I did more cleaning. I finally scrubbed out the fridge. Yeah! It was getting gross. I also hosed down the oven with cleaner and I'll let it sit over night. I'll clean that in the morning and do more laundry. Then I'll dust. Hopefully I can maintain the rest of the house as far as cleanliness over the next few weeks.

Growing up, I hated having to help clean the house before my family went on vacation, but my mother insisted on it. She said "would you rather leave a clean house and relax or relax and come back to have to clean a house." I guess it is with this mentality that I clean the house before going on vacation and clean the house before giving birth. No one wants to try and clean a house with a new born on their arm and I'm not too keen on spending money to have someone else clean for me. People never clean your house for you the way you want it cleaned.

Anyways...I've also gone a little overboard with changing up the backgrounds on my blog. I promise that I will not go crazy in the future. I only have a few changes for Epiphany and changes for after my son is born. After that will be lent and that will stay up for a while.

So cheers for a New Year. I give you a toast with my wine glass full of sparkling grape juice which is the closest thing to real wine I can drink at the moment. My husband promises he'll buy me a beer after the baby is born. I like wines too, but a few months ago I started craving Budwiser so I'm looking more forward to that. (Side note: I also started wanting to smoke. It started coming up in dreams along with my beer obsession. The smoking thing is totally out of character since I've never smoked anything in my life. LOL)


  1. Happy New Years!

    And yes much better to get it done now. I had a bit left to do last time & I wished afterwards that it had been done. My MIL came over and attacked the apt, terrorized the cat & we're still dealing with it over 2 years later.. both issues w/ the cat (who was adjusting to the baby well before that) and finding stuff she lost. Plus I felt like I needed to jump in and help and ended up doing too much too soon and that's not good either. We're moving this time, right around my guess date so I'm a bit freaked about that. I want to be in before he's here so we can avoid any crazyness lol.

    And gotta love cravings lol.

  2. Moving? Yikes!! That won't be fun at all. Hopefully you won't be living in boxes and trying to find stuff. Fortunately I live in a two bedroom condo so if I did end up getting a surprise baby after this one we wouldn't have to move, but we might have to rent storage. :P

  3. LOL Well, its not the size of this place that's the issue... although the new place is a little bigger and that's great. But our lease will be up and the management is awful. My FIL bought a duplex though and wants us to move in one of the apartments... So we'll be able to save a little money while Jas finishes school and the kids will have a yard to play in. Since he owns it we really only have to wait until he's done fixing up the main parts to move, so we can do it slowly over time and no living out of boxes lol. That's gonna help a lot... we'd planned to find a new apartment and that would have been so rushed...


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