Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm never out of bed this early or names

I'm not usually out of bed this early. Because Son moves all the time and I have to pee all the time, I don't get a full night's sleep so I usually "sleep in" until I feel rested. I also take naps sometimes. I've just decided to get sleep when I can and not dwell on laying in bed for 10-12 hour stretches. Normally I would say I was being lazy, but I think if I wake up at least 8 times during the night I should at least get to sleep in.

Anyways...there is this old Southern tradition of people not being called by their real names. Some people are called "Junior" like my recently deceased great uncle was because well he was Alvin Jr. Some are given nick names based on events. I called my uncle Alvin, "Uncle Sparky" because he was a machanic in the Navy during the Pacific Campaign. A lot of the younger people called him Sparky and the older people called him Junior.

My grandmother, Uncle Sparky's younger sister, married my grandfather (okay that sounds obvious). My grandfather was the youngest of three brothers (minus a sister who died in infancy). His brothers died before I was born, but we still refer to them by their "non-names." His oldest brother was a Jr. but he wasn't called Junior. He was called Son. So my mother grew up referring to him as "Uncle Son." The middle brother was called "Uncle Hansel," which was his real name. Why he didn't have a "non-name" I don't know. My grandfather was called "Brother." My mother's cousins refer to my grandfather as "Uncle Brother." Sounds funny doesn't it. My grandfather was also called "Hank" because his real name was Henry. This isn't so odd as Uncle Son and Uncle Brother.

Also some people will use initials as "non-names". When my husband was young he was referred to as J.R. (not junior but the letters). And in the movie the Blind Side, they refer to their young son as S.J.

So what's my point...hold your horses I'm getting there. So I'm having a baby boy. We haven't given him a name. We're hold outs and want to see him first. But we've got a narrowed down list with one name that we're leaning towards. So on my blog I don't use my real name or my hubby's real name or any friend's real name. I've used these names because these people are all dead (well except J.R. and S.J.). So they won't be too offended. I figure in order to refer to my son I need to call him something. I usually call hubby...hubby. Now I could call him Son (like my great uncle) or by his initials (like his dad went by). And I could also use these "non-names" in public because relatives (*clears throat* my mom) might not like the names we picked out. We haven't told anyone our list. Or I can be normal and call him by his name.

What do you think? Would you rather him called Son or by his initials? I thought that I would get input seeing as how it might have to be used in real life.

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  1. Tough decision... I didn't use a nickname w/ Kalila on mine because I started the blog for family & friends and it never crossed my mind. Later on I wished I had... Oh well. I do try to be careful about areas and such, as much as possible anyway.

    I've never heard of Uncle Boys' or anything like that but I have some family that I don't even know their real names... For instance "Bimbo" is one of my grandmothers cousins I think. I have no clue what his name was. Well, It might have actually been Bimbo, but I'm hoping not lol. Some people in mine have nicknames, others not. We have a few we call Kalila, but use her real one for the most part.

    All beside the point... I would go w/ what you're comfortable with... We can adjust, you're the one who has to really live with it.


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