Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm on My Soap Box Again

I recently read an article about women soldiers. First of all, I'm a pacifist so I would never enlist, but I give respect to those who do because I realize all the psychological issues that come with war. That being said the article discussed the treatment of women soldiers. They have trouble receiving the same amount of respect as male veterans and receiving the same medical treatments and benefits. This evokes memories of an ex-boyfriend.

My ex was a member of the national guard. He bragged about his SAW and being in the military made him feel very powerful. I remember he had this book of all the members of his unit. In the beginning of the book, it had all the high ranking officers. He pointed to the women and said, "See that. She isn't wearing a chord and that's because women can't be on the front lines. Women can't be in battle so they will never get higher than what they are. They can't be generals." At first I didn't know exactly how to respond, but the more I've thought about it over the years I realize that the statement was totally arrogant.

Then the war broke out and women have since been thrown in (like it or not) the front lines. They are gunners and translators and are required to inspect the Islamic women they encounter. Over 200 women have died in combat and the ones who make it back aren't even acknowledged for their service. And what's worse is some of those who are veterans don't acknowledge what these service women have been through.

It's horrible to think that men like my ex think that they are superior to women and that women should be kept away "in the kitchen." Maybe since the war has broke out his ideas about women in combat have changed. I doubt it. He was always misogynistic.

The other article was about the Duggar family. They've recently had a new baby who was born premature. I wanted to find any news about the baby's wellbeing since babies at 25 weeks and 1 pound 6 oz. have a good chance of survival. I did a news search on google and came across an article on Psychology Today's website.

I knew that the article would be bias against the Duggar's beliefs, but I was shocked to read this paragraph in the article.

"In an American Psychologist article, "Number of Siblings and Intellectual Development," Douglas Downey, professor at Ohio State University, writes, "Siblings are competitors for parents' time, energy, and financial resources and so the fewer the better. Even one sibling is too many." He looks at resource dilution to explain "why children with few siblings score higher on tests of cognitive skills than children with many siblings." Looking at the Duggar family and other large families, in terms of intellectual skills and educational achievement, those with few siblings consistently and across many studies do best."

My first thought is What? Okay that is just plain false. You've just said that most of our ancestral lineage is made up of idiots because our forbears had more than one child. My grandmother is one of seven children. She's not an idiot and has achieved much in her life. My other grandmother was the oldest of eight. She read more books than anyone (besides my grandfather) that I know. She also kept a journal and enjoyed writing. My mother-in-law was the oldest of seven. She has done well with her life and I consider her to be smart. Where does this guy get his information? And is he saying that because my husband is an only child and I have a brother that my husband is smarter than me? How dare he!! My husband has trouble changing diapers and coming up with new meals in his head. I'm not saying he isn't smart; I'm just saying that I'm equally intellectual.

The rest of the article goes on to explain that Duggars will face hardship sending their children to college. Yeah, and so do many families. Why say that it is the parent's responsibility to send their children to college? My parents didn't have to help me out. I got by on working and scholarships. My husband did the same thing.

I think the article is just being prejudicial. The corollation between the two articles is that women aren't respected for their choices. Women in combat are seen as less than men in combat. And women who choose to raise big families are seen as being a burden to their "poor children." Feminism should be about allowing women to decide for themselves and to respect them for their choices.

On that note my boob is leaking again so I better go. Yet another reason why I hate being pregnant. Leaky boobs without a baby to suck it up. Oh, well, it's one of the great things about being a women. Men don't get the joy of breast feeding. I know TMI.

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  1. LOL to the last comment... I read a thing awhile back about some men lactating. I told my husband and he all sorts of flipped out about it. Not really my thing either, but I did get a good laugh out of it.

    As for women military... That is sad. I've known a few that defy that norm though. We were discussing one of my inlaws the other day who just got married... We think she's actually ranked above her husband lol. Either way everyone here is extremely proud of what she does.

    I agree 100% w/ you on that paragraph being a load... I'm not a big Duggar fan, but I've felt sorry for them lately. That's beside the point though... I think having siblings can be a wonderful thing on so many levels. Because of my odd family situation I saw both sides of it and I personally would never want to make my child an only child... Now I won't say that all only children have a horrible life or that it damages them in any way because I know that's not true... but siblings can be a huge blessing.

    Feminism is supposed to be about us making those choices like you mentioned... unfortunately there are two problems here... One is that there are still men with very traditional sexist views on men being better than women and now we have women and some men even (not all feminists fall under this obviously, but some of the more vocal ones) who preach that women are better than men & choosing any type of traditional role is degrading to women and that we are wrong for choosing it. Both are equally annoying... In my opinion both are just as sexist as the other.

    Sorry shared soapbox apparently lol


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