Friday, December 4, 2009

Media and Religion

Okay. I totally told myself that today I would be good and not make a post but instead do some more sewing (currently I'm in the process of making cloth wipes and older baby prefolds more on that later) and some cleaning. But I couldn't pass up discussing some latest stuff I've noticed in the media on television plus hubby sent me this hilarious link.

The View: A while back ago I honestly can't remember when, the view was discussing something in their hot topics. Whoppi Goldberg was talking about how she didn't understand why Catholics go to Confession. She quoted the Bible verse about where Jesus says that we only have to talk to Jesus to be absolved of our sins. The audience cheered.

This is sad to me that people ridicule my faith because they don't understand it. I was also taken aback because this is Whoppi Goldberg. Didn't she play in Sister Act and Sister Act II? Surely she learned a little bit about our faith, at least enough to respect it? I guess I won't be watching those movies too much anymore.

Private Practice: Last night I watching an episode of Private Practice. Now most people know that I'm not a big fan of NFP, but I am a big fan of letting people make decisions of themselves and respecting their beliefs. NFP just isn't for me that's all. Anyway...this episode had an Orthodox Jewish woman come in with her newborn. (Her tichel was totally cute btw and very accurate for the show. I was totally impressed by that part.) She mentioned that her hubby was not nearly as interested in her in the bedroom. Anyway the doctors make it their mission to help her, even though she said it wasn't something appropriate to be discussing and she felt uncomfortable. (totally not cool, leave her alone) They discover that the problem is she doesn't want to have any more children for a while and wants to know how to keep her hubby less interested. Okay, I get that; she just had a baby. But it's against their faith to prevent "the seed." This includes NFP btw. The doctors consult a rabbi who explains the couple's beliefs, and the doctors try to brain storm ways to prevent pregnancy around those beliefs. In the end, they give her birth control pills telling her that she can take them if she wants to and that they help with anemia (which they sort of do, please read the blog about birth control). I should mention they don't talk about her getting a blood test to diagnose if she does have anemia. This is where I get a little upset. Because the lady takes the pills and hides them in her pocket. Yeah right ABC!!! Not everyone who is religious is going to cave in. If I had been in her shoes, I would have smiled and handed them right back.

This is a major insult to respecting people's religious beliefs. Why didn't they tell her to take iron supplements and tell her that she should rest her body for medical reasons? Why did they bring out the chemicals? Unless she truly has been diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia there is no reason to be giving her birth control pills. I'm very irritated. I would write a letter to ABC but I don't think it would do any good. Birth control pills are the in thing; nothing else is acceptable in our society anymore. It's a shame.

Steven Colbert: My husband sent me this link to the Steven Colbert show. It's very funny. He discusses the Vatican's recent attempts to discover life in the Universe. The guest on the show was a former student where hubby goes to school, Brother Guy, who is now the curator of meteorites at the Vatican Observatory. Hubby also mentions that Brother Guy told him to write his thesis and after he's done with research just add the word not before stuff. I don't think that's good advice, but whatever.

Did I mention that my hubby studies "rocks from space?" Yeah, he does. And lately that has been why he's not been home much. He's working in two labs simultaneously because after he collects all his data he can stay home and write his papers. He wants to be able to write after the baby is born so he can stay home and help out. I'm hoping that he'll be able to defend in May but it may be more like August. I think he has another year that he can renew his grant so it's not that bad yet. It will be when he starts to look for a job. Since the economy hit rock bottom, science has taken a back slide. Fortunately his prof has told him that if he needs to he can stay here for post-doc work, but that doesn't look good on your cv. Plus the pay is about the same as being a grad student and the medical insurance through the U is the same as grad students' so it's not really an upgrade from what he's doing now.


  1. I hadn't seen either of those, but I'm not surprised one bit. I've seen it on other things. Its sad...

  2. Edit: Hubby says the Brother's suggestion was a joke. I don't remember the story behind it, but he claims that he told me.


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