Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Blog

I've been talking about my personal faith journey a lot. I thought that what Catholic Knight does with his Catholic FAQs is pretty cool. However he's a little too militant for my taste. I don't think that it is wise for me to be answering basic questions on my blog because it's really about my life and not general stuff. So I decided to start another blog. This one is just about answering people's questions about Catholicism.

I welcome anyone's articles for submission. I don't think that it should solely run by myself. If you have something to submit, please let me know in the comments box. Also please include the title. I don't need a whole article. You can e-mail me the article later. If you find something that I said incorrect or that I've made some other sort of error, please let me know in the comments box too.

I have a whole list of questions already in my head (many from when I taught Confirmation). But where you live may generate different questions. If you don't have time to submit, just let me know the question at least. I know I won't be able to submit stuff forever either. Maternity leave and all.

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  1. Nice! Will link that to my Religion blog list :-)


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