Friday, December 18, 2009

We are Go For Launch

We are Go For Launch. I say again. We are Go For Launch.

What are we launching. A rocket, space ship, some sort of rover? No. We are launching a baby into the world!

I've reached mile post marker week 35 and have finished all those dreaded baby classes. The only thing left to do is wash stuff and set up stuff. But we're leaving those things to the last minute. And with this nasty cold, the only thing I feel like doing at the moment is sleeping which is hard when I get stuffy. So I'm blogging before I try and lay down some more.

On Monday I get to visit my doctor, who I'm guessing will let me know how close we are to launching. (Did I mention that my hubby studies rocks from space? Hence all the space metaphors). And then I suppose that we wait until mission control gives us the green light. Which I hope is soon because this baby already weighs about 6 pounds. And trust me I know he's that big. Those cute little knots and movements are becoming painful. I can't sleep if he's moving even a little bit. If I had to go past the due date, that would be dreadful. My hubby predicts that he will be born a week early. That's January 15. I'm hoping for a New Year's Baby or an Epiphany Baby. They say more children are born around the holidays. I don't want a Christmas baby. Having a cold and pushing out a child is not a great combo. Plus hubby is already working frantically.

Anyways...I'm off to bed for a little while. I think that I'll take it easy again today and just sew things.


  1. Awww.. I'm sorry you've been sick! I was wondering why you've posted less... but I was hoping it was just being busy. I've been trying to stay off less (so much to do) but at the same time is hard because I work online & keep everything in the household together online lol. Sorry comp off topic there.

    That's great about finishing up your baby classes! I didn't take them last time & really regret it... What kind did you take?

    Hope that dr's visit goes well & the way you want to..

    Random question... How early did it start hurting when he moved? I'm only 22 weeks & it already does sometimes, like has from the moment I started feeling him. Not every kick or movement like yours, but its like he gets mad if someone pushes up against me & pushes back really hard lol. I think he's gonna be big too, is already "measuring" big... We'll see when he gets here, but I don't think this is gonna be a small baby at all.

  2. Thanks for the well wishes.

    I took the basic course about labor and delivery. But then we took a class on breastfeeding, one on taking care of infants, and one on breathing and relaxing during labor. The only one we liked was the basics of infant care because the instructor was very upbeat and funny. The basic course and breathing course was taught by the same lady who didn't go along with our humor. (If you can't laugh about child birth what can you laugh about? I'm surprised that as nurse she didn't see that humor is also a great way to deal with the pain.) The breastfeeding course was taught by a lady who admitted that she never taught it before.

    They don't really teach a particular technique at hospitals. The breathing class covered a wide range of things. Which is great because you never know what will work for you during labor. She taught slow breathing, message, the quick breathing like lamaze, and pain relief aids like getting in the bath tub or sitting on a birthing ball.

    My husband was bored. He told her that he read that guys don't really do anything during labor. She kinda got snippy with him and said that they were there for support. But I agree with him. All husbands can do is get you stuff, but nurses do that too. I love my husband but I'm not interested in him being in the room. I like to deal with things quietly and relaxing as possible. He literally would be sitting there. That's not really being supportive and it's totally unfair for him to sit there for hours on end. And I've learned he has no idea how to message me in a way that's comfortable. I also don't like being touched that much especially if I don't feel well. I told him that he could drop me off and then go home (which is like 10 minutes away) and work on stuff. He can come back later for the birth part.

    Sorry very long and drawn out.

    To answer your question, I think it got painful around week 24, but I've heard that women who've already had a baby are a little more stretched out. So maybe he has more room to go nuts in. It's always been a bit painful but it's worse now. Boys are bigger than girls and I totally believe it. He also tends to like moving around on the left side of me. I think the placenta is on the right so I don't feel so much over there.

    It could be worse (my husband hates this phrase), but I've heard of from various people that babies can put their foot or hand up and leave it there. My son is at least kind enough to put things down. All I get is his butt when he's asleep. More surface area and more comfortable. He's just restless so he moves. It's also a good sign of a healthy baby. Which is why I think the dr thinks him being born now is okay.

    I'm starting to feel a bit worn out so I think I'll go lay back down for a while.

  3. Gotcha.. That was one of the reasons we didn't take the hospital class last time. I didn't want the generic bit & they didn't offer anything else. Another hospital here in town does, but its not what I want either. Thankfully I'm on top of stuff more this time lol.

    I have a friend asking about BF classes (I just read up & talked to a cousin who's done it) and I really hope she has a better experience than yours or at least a more qualified teacher. I know she doesn't have much outside support & that was what got me through.

    Humour is important... The midwife we saw first (we have to see all of them at the center) had none either & it really bothered my husband. I think it would have bothered me as time got closer too. Thankfully she left though so not an issue & the others are all great. She was too beyond that, and I was happy at the first visit since she was better than the Ob we had last time lol, but still... seeing the others has put some perspective on the whole thing.

    Word of warning about the hubby participation part... We expected the same as you last time... LOL They forced Jas to help out. He had ahold of one leg and was way more involved than he ever wanted to be. Is funny because this time we know he's gonna be involved, but he's still relieved because its not gonna be quite so bad. I'm gonna have some grief getting hm to the classes and helping me w/ imagery.. but at least he'll be behind me while I labour this time lol.

    Anyways, hope you got some rest! I've gotta figure out dinner... I can't stand not having my menu I so need to get back on top of things!


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