Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why I hate pregnancy

My hubby told me to keep some sort of a journal on why pregnancy is no fun. He says there is some sort of hormone that women have that makes them forget the entire ordeal. I told him, "That's why I have you around to remind me." But I will write down some of it's horribleness.

Week 1-6: Totally great. The first few weeks were totally "fun" since those are the baby making weeks. The last few were great to discover that we suceeded. I meet with a doctor who tells me "Well if you haven't had morning sickness yet. You should be fine." Ha!! Boy was he wrong.

Week 6-13: I've changed doctors. The other guy gave me a bad vibe. I like this doctor better because she gives it to me straight. There is no hand holding and whatnot. She tells me that if I don't walk and exercise I could prolapse my bladder (yikes!). She also tells me that I shouldn't get bigger than 20-30 pounds otherwise I will be miserable. She says it is 90 percent likely that she will deliver the baby, but warns me that she could be in emergency surgery at the time so she wants me to meet her college who will be there in case of that 10 percent chance (totally awesome forsight on her part). I start feeling queezy and she gives me a motion sickness drug to take. I begin to not hold anything down. I vomit even at work. Crackers at midnight are my friends. I loose weight after the first month, but gain it back the second. Slowly I can eat things besides toast. Fruit and veggies are slowly introduced back into my diet. I have a horrible aversion to meat (my husband starts making mac n' cheese and rice for me). I hate smells. Oddly baby poo does not bother me, but cat litter does. Too much perfume smell. I can't stand anything scented. I have horrible metal mouth and brushing my teeth does not help (peppermint flavor is not cool either). I come home from work completely exhasted. After eating a simple meal, I fall asleep by 7:00pm to wake up later to vomit. This goes on for a while.

Week 13-24: To go out with a bang, I get a migrane (the only one of the pregnancy) and end up vomiting. After that smooth sailing. I love pregnancy. I quit work and go into major cleaning mode (making up for last few months of a dirty and disorganized house). I get involved in a moms group and start day dreaming of baby. Discover to my shagrin, that we are not having a girl but a boy (hubby is happy and says "Told ya so"). Also receive horrible news, that baby has a .5 percent change of having Downs. Also discover that test is not reliable and definative. Many friends have been told the same thing and had healthy children. I decide not to have an amno. The sonogram looks fine and if he does have Downs there isn't anything that we can do. The amno would only tell you early on, and will cause you great pain. Figure it is more likely that he is totally fine and this would cause more harm than good to him. I'm not going to be selfish.

Week 24-34: I'm getting huge and must now wear maternity clothes all the time. The baggy ones don't fit anymore. Doing chores has become a chore and fatigue sets in again. Not only because the baby is getting bigger, but I find myself more tired because I have to pee a lot. I get up and pee 7 times before falling asleep and 5 times during the course of the night. I also experience horrible hot flashes. It's not cool enough outside for me. Even though hubby is doning his jacket, I wear short sleeves or a thin long sleeve shirt. I discover sitting in the bath tub and spraying myself with our shower nozzle is great for those hot flashes. As baby gets bigger, those cute "I think I feel him move" flutters become huge jabs. I can start to distinguish body parts such as his butt and his arms and legs. He starts to display a schedule. Usually he wakes me up in the morning and after dinner he moves a bunch. He also will wake up periodically during the day. His favorite sleeping position is his butt up and body tucked under (something that I can feel and discover is difficult to wake him from). I am happy that he sleeps like any other baby. I think it will be fun to see him get into this same position when he is older. I learn to take naps when he is asleep (something I know will happen after he is born so getting into habit). But I'm still tired. We are happy to discover that "he is in position and will most likely stay that way". His dad was a full breech. We also discover that like mom he is a huge baby. I pray a prayer of thanks to modern medicine and vow that when we get close to request inducing labor. I do not want a c-section if it can be helped. I also vow to keep myself moving which is what my doctor recommends "let gravity help me out." The holiday season helps and so do the house chores. Doctor also tells me that if I go into labor at week 35 that she will "not be heroic and stop it." I'm so thankful. I have one more week to go before week 35 so I tell myself at that point I will do everything in my power to get this baby moving. This means walking a lot and jumping up and down.

Now I have a cold so my plans have been foiled. I may need to spend week 35 resting so that I don't over do it. God has his own ideas. No sign of mucus plug either. Will keep an eye out for it.

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  1. Awww... but understood. I did not forget my list between the two pg's btw... I remember the issues very well, but its so worth it! Glad you found a dr you like better too. I should have changed last time and didn't... Thankfully I love my midwife now so no issues... if I didn't I would change in a heartbeat though.

    Word of advice though about the induction thing... Keep in mind it ups your chances of a c-section - if you go the pitocin route that is... You might want to talk to your dr about other means of inducing if you're really set on it, there are safer ways. (feel free to ignore me btw... Is just a subject I'm pretty passionate about lol)


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