Monday, January 18, 2010

Go for launch Update 2

So I went to visit the ob again. Nothing has changed. Even she seemed a little discouraged. I had to make another appointment for next Monday. I figure after that she will schedule an induction. She said the latest that she would let things go is Jan. 31. My hubby's parents are coming Jan. 29 and leaving Feb. 1 so I don't think that they will see the baby at all. Unless after Monday she decides to schedule it a little early because things haven't changed.

My parents plan on visiting Feb. 15. There's a huge event in town that literally books every hotel, short term rental, ect. for miles. It's international. It's right smack dab on the due date. So they choose to come after the event. Oh, well. I didn't pick those particular weeks for him to be born, but that's how life goes. I myself was born the day the Hyatt Regency Walkway collapsed. It killed 114 people and injured 200. It was deemed the deadliest structural collapse in US history. And I was a planned C-section. (I was supposed to be born two weeks earlier, which the ob said was standard practice in the day, but now they only let you go a week past). I guess my kid will have an interesting story to tell about his birthday too.

On the bright side of things, a friend of mine e-mailed me that she was having another girl. She's been having a terrible time with gestational diabetes and lost a ton of weight, but she has been gaining it back. She even has a first name already.

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it. I probably won't be posting much of anything interesting for a few weeks after the birth. Other than to say height and weight and time and all that good stuff. So don't think that I've fallen off the face of the earth. I will let people know that the baby's born and then quietly take some time away from blogging. So if I forget to say it when I let you know of things. I wish you all of the best who are going through your own pregnancies. May they be easier than mine will be especially since they say induction is so darn painful.


  1. They'll only let you go a week past? My old Ob would have let me go to 42 weeks... Thankfully I didn't lol. I know several people who've gotten to 43. I really wouldn't want that lol... But, am actually hoping for 42 this time! A week is better than one of the hospitals here though, I was told the dr's there won't let you get to the due date :-(

    Understood about after he's born. I'll be the same way when Zavier gets here... Once things settle down a little I know I'll get back to my old routine of NAK. For awhile it was the only time I was online lol.

    Hope the rest of your pg goes quickly/smoothly. And enjoy the time w/ your family!

  2. It seems to be more common practice now since the ultra sounds are so more advanced. At least that's how she explained it to me. She said any later than a week and the placenta gets too old and that can cause complications. If I had gone into labor at week 35 she would have let things progress then as well. She seems pretty confidant about things.

    Told me that he has hair (she could feel it through the membrane. My ob is a really tiny person). I'm thankful for that. My hubby was born without hair. His baby pics look weird. Me and my brother both had a head full of hair.

    My ob was telling us that because she's so small it's a good thing. She delivered a baby on Monday but the placenta didn't come out so she had to reach up through the cervix and pull it out herself to avoid having to surgically remove it. Not all doctors are small enough to do that.

    She has a lot of energy, but she is very good about explaining things. She doesn't dumb anything down. Some doctors are so worried about making you nervous that they are always saying "it'll be okay." She doesn't do that. That's why when she was talking about inducing, I knew that it will probably be that way.

  3. Wow... Ultrasounds can still be pretty off. Mine is by almost a week this time... (we know from charting, and I found out I'm more likely to miss measure because of my scoliosis) It may be standard practice at your clinic or practice, but definately not everywhere. Most still recommend 42 weeks (after which yes it is a little more likely have complications. They can be watched for though). If you're comfortable going at 35 weeks that's great, but that would have had me running if a dr told me that.

    Word of warning, be very careful about letting them manipulate your placenta like that... naturally it can take awhile to come out on its own & that's just fine. Pulling it out can cause hemoraging. Been there, done that, not fun. Mine wasn't surgical either... they reached in.

    That's great about the hair though. Kalila had some too... I was afraid she wouldn't cause Jas & I were both born bald lol. And is always good to be comfortable w/ your dr. It sounds like yours is very on the level with you about her preferences. Mine lied to me a lot, not cool.

    This reminds me... If you have a chance I'm posting my first rough draft of the "just in case I need it" birth plan on the Uncut blog. Since I don't have as many readers on there, would really appreciate feedback.. if you have a chance of course lol.

  4. Sure no problem.

    She said that since the Placenta wasn't coming out and the cervix was closing she had to go and get it.

    I find that the older the doctor the more they ignore newer technology. My ob outsources her ultrasounds so they're the latest thing. She gave me the general impression that most obs in the area only go one week over. Even the other guy in her practice agreed and he's really young.

    I don't think that I'd want to go any later than a week. My mom went two weeks over and I weighed 9lb 13oz. She couldn't push me out so I was a C section. I'd rather have a baby a little early than a little late for that reason.

    Oh, and a lot of obs (not in my area) I've been reading and heard from friends wait a while before giving the first ultrasound. My hubby's cousin didn't get one until 12 weeks and she thought that was normal. My ob has you get one as soon as you know your preggo. I guess it makes the gestational age more accurate and you know how many babies there are. So I had my first ultrasound at 7 weeks. He looked like a bean.

    I was so early that the tech had to go through my fun parts because my uterus is normally inverted. She couldn't see anything using the other thing they normally use.

  5. Yeah the earlier you check it the more accurate it is. That's why we caught Kalila being so far off date (3 weeks or so) last time. I wouldn't have had it if not for bleeding though. This time I did have an early one becuase my midwife thought I was measuring big... both the early one and the 20 week one said I was ahead lol. I know I'm not and so does my midwife so we're ignoring it. The sizing is off... it happens.

    I hope I didn't seem harsh in my last reply, after I sent it I thought maybe I had but I was rushing for us to leave and really didn't mean to be lol.

    Personally I would still disagree w/ the only one week over thing because the placenta can tech do that at any point.. is only slightly more likely to do it after 42 weeks. I went to 41 weeks last time w/ a very healthy placenta & a much smaller baby than we expected. I don't want to go past 42 this time, but not as much for the reasons you don't want to hit that but because I don't want to deal with the extra tests and stuff that goes along w/ going past 42.

    Btw, the cervix closing thing makes sense. That would be a good reason to go in and do something lol.

  6. No, I didn't get offended. I usually don't. We're all typing not talking. It's hard to get tone from letters so I never assume that anyone is trying to be harsh. If I come off that way (which I'm sure that I do from time to time), let me know. I get a little passionate about word usuage and sometimes it gives me a really mean disposition. I assure you that if you met me in person you would think that I was totally different. Some people I know told me recently that they thought that I was a quiet sort of person, which is odd because a lot of people tell me I'm a motor mouth too. I guess it just depends on how I know you. I would say that I'm not outgoing. I'm a homebody, but that doesn't mean that I hardly talk. My hubby said he read some of my editorials when were dating and got the total wrong impression of me. So I guess I'm sort of hard to figure out.

    I also tend to think that I sound like a know it all. I don't intend to. My passion is research. I should have become a librarian. I really like reading and learning new things and giving opinions on it. I never think that I know everything. On the contrary, if I did I wouldn't be constantly reading stuff.

    I kinda view blogging as my own personal thoughts about sundry things. It's not intended to make people mad or tell them what to do. It's for me. I usually go back and look at stuff from time to time especially when it comes back up. Call it my own note taking that people can also use if they want. I always shared my notes in school. Now I just share them with whoever.

  7. :-) This is not the first time I've read something you've written and thought we sound a lot alike. Is one reason I enjoy reading your blog lol. Still enough differences in things to be interesting, to get me thinking and even researching something I hadn't in awhile from time to time.

    Anyways, I'll let you know if that happens if you'll do the same for me. I've gotten accused of it online before and it makes me sad because I really don't mean to come across that way either.

  8. Yeah, I really enjoy your blog too. I started following it based on the title and the fact that you like being eco-friendly and are Catholic. I don't have enough Catholic friends who are in the same boat in real life. Although that might change if I get involved in more parental things at church.

    Most of my friends (and relatives) are Protestant, which I don't have a problem with. I must sound sometimes like I'm Protestant bashing. I find it funny that I know more about their religious beliefs and traditions than they know about mine. I grew up having to experience and learn both even though I've always been Catholic. I suppose it's why I get upset that people misunderstand things because they don't have all the facts. Like being saved and whatnot.

    A story: It was Christmas Eve and I was planning on going to the early Mass so that I could sit. A friend had suggested checking out the sales at a local toy store so we went mid-morning. Hubby was asking me about lunch since the whole fasting thing. I told him because of my condition I was exempt from fasting. My friend (who is Presbyterian) over heard and said "fasting?" I said, "yeah, you can't eat an hour before Mass. It used to be 12 hours." My friend had never heard of that. Hubby said the only reason why he knew it was because of his Catholic friends and me. We all learn something new every day.


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