Saturday, January 9, 2010


Okay. You're looking at the title and thinking "masculism" must have something to do with men. And you are right. Masculism is like feminism. It is a movement to promote the equality of men and to abolish stereotypes. I'm sure a lot of feminists are thinking that this goes against the grain of feminism (which is the promotion of rights of women), but I don't think that it does. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

To me the point of masculism and feminism is the ability to have choice. It's not necessarily about what people or society view as being proper gender roles. That I feel should be left up to the individual or couple. Let me give you examples of masculism promotes.

1) removal of male-only forced conscription by countries (I don't think anyone should serve in the military if they don't want to)

2) seriously believing that many men are also victims of domestic violence (it seems okay for a woman to hit a man but not for a man to hit a woman)

3) seriously believing that many men are victims of rape and molestation especially by women

4) removal of male circumcision (this one is more controversial but most people agree that female circumcision is mutilating and for the record my hubby is circumcised but has decided not to circumcise our son. I left the decision up to him since he is a man and has more experience with this than I do.)

5) equality in child custody (I could tell you stories but I believe that this one speaks for itself)

6) pregnancy- the shared ability to decide whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy and if it is agreed to terminate not be held responsible, similarly if agreed to keep not to eventually terminate (I'm not for abortion, but if the woman wants an abortion and the man does not, I believe that a man should have rights)

7) equality in adoption rights- single men and women should be allowed to adopt (I'm not too keen on adoption outside of a family unit but some men and women want children and feel that they are getting older and if the laws allow single women why not single men)

8) biases against men for crimes (women tend to get lower incarceration time than men for the exact same crime)

9) statutory rapes are more highly enforced when the man is the older person than the woman is (although there is a lot more media hype around women think Mary Kay)

10) women are allowed to marry at younger ages in some states than men are

11) men pay higher premiums on auto, accidental, and life insurance than women do (I know this first hand. The companies will tell you it is because men are more reckless so it is common business practice. But I say horse manure that's like saying most women are demur.)

12) women are allowed to try out male societal norms and modes of dress where men are ridiculed and called cross dressers (everyone at some point experiments with who they are at some point in their lives even little boys dress in mommies' clothes and play with dolls. All of this is normal, but society makes it harder for boys. Did wearing my dad's slippers make me less feminine? So why should a boy wearing his mom's heals make him less masculine?)

13) health is overwhelming promoted for women. My husband points out that there is more funding for breast cancer research and awareness rather than testicular cancer or prostate cancer which kills more men because of lack of awareness and social stigmas. In the extreme: Women learn about self-examines. Men who perform self-examines without realizing it are "playing with themselves." It is important for all people to know what looks correct for every part of their body so that if there are any changes they can go see a doctor.

14) special government agencies and groups for women's affairs and none for men's affairs. There are many mommy groups out there but very few daddy groups.

15) lack of legal ramifications for paternity fraud (where a woman claims that a man is the father and forces him to pay child support for years until a paternity test confirms that he is not the father)

16) higher standards of physical fitness for men entering the military, police, and fire than for women

17) longer periods for maternity leave but very little for paternity leave (hey a man needs to help his wife too)

18) the right of man to be a stay at home dad (I've only met one guy who did this but it is becoming more common)

19) the right of men to take time off work for the aging/ill parents and children (often this is seen as something that woman should do even male professors who take their children with colds into the office are frowned upon more than female professors)

If you believe that women and men should both enjoy the same legal rights like I do, you fall under the category of gender equality. This is something that organizations like UNICEF promote.

And for the record, I'm not talking about gender roles. I'm talking about gender rights which is different. I believe in the rights of all sexes to determine what they think is their gender role, but I believe lawfully we should enjoy the same rights and privileges. If you view feminism and masculism as being about gender roles, then you are also ignoring those of the third wave generation of feminists and the new field of masculism who believe that gender rights are what is more important to focus on. It all started with votes for women. How did it become about bashing a gender?


  1. Good post. I hadn't thought about some of those before... but you're right that does happen. My husband would so disagree w/ some of these points though (very macho type) lol.

    But.. To number 13... Men can get breast cancer too. While I agree that the more typically mens cancers should get as much respect and attention, but the bigger prob I see here is that breast cancer is seen as a womens disease which is really bad for the men who get it. I had a friend in college (fellow choir member at Church) who was diagnosed while I was there. They caught it too late and it killed him. That doesn't happen as often with women, but is very typical of men who have it.

    I've only met one SAHD too btw... Friend of mine from a mission trip. I know he plans to work later, is in school, but for now he stays home w/ his boy. My FIL was also an exception with custody cases, raised my husband and BIL.

  2. Good point about breast cancer. My husband believes that because women are more conscience of their health, there is more research in diseases that affect women.

  3. He's probably right.. Guys do tend to hide their heads in the sand (as a general rule) about health. Some of us do too, but still...

    The charting software that I use for NFP actually has a spot on the calendar to remind your spouse to check himself for testicular problems. Breast exams are on there too of course and I expected those, esp after I learned that its best to check on certain points of your cycle above others, but the guy one surprised me. I told my husband and we ended up having a really good discussion about how important it is & he was really happy it was on my stuff.

  4. I never thought about the guy's examining themselves until I went in for a routine pap and the Nurse Prac gave me a door hanger for the shower with a girl doing the breast examine. On the other side was info about the guy's exam. It's still hanging in my shower.

    My husband says that when breast exams came out they were very shocking to the public (I don't remember that but then again that sort of thing would probably make sense to me and not shock me) so I think if we had a Public Service Announcement for the guy's exam it would shock people. But there needs to be one. I know guys don't like doctors but a self exam is done at home.


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