Monday, January 18, 2010

My Christian Rock Play List

My hubby told me about this great web site a long time ago.

It generates music based on what you like. But here's my playlist of Christian rock favs. I have a lot of favs in general. It's like choosing children when people ask me what my favorite music is.


Super Chick (I like own almost every album)
Hawk Nelson (saw them in concert was totally awesome)
Relient K
Everyday Sunday
Switchfoot (although doesn't consider themselves as Christian)

I mostly check the music out from library and play it in my car or at home when cleaning for background music.

It's a shame that where I live they don't play a whole lot of Christian rock. A lot of it is praise music, which I don't have a problem with but I think it's more appropriate for church or devotions. I think that there should be a variety anyway. Plus all the Christian stations are very Protestant. You sometimes have to turn off the radio when they start getting a little too over the top.

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