Monday, January 11, 2010

My rants

Okay. So I was going to write a post on baby wearing and one on all the stuff that I've been sewing with pics, but I'm tired and lazy so I'll save those for later. Instead I'm going to rant about what I see while driving around my city.

Do other folks have problems with jay walkers? We have a number of deaths every year because people don't use cross walks. They just start walking in the middle of the street sometimes at night wearing dark clothing. It's scary. Today while driving back from hubby's work five people were crossing a major street during rush hour. They had a child and this one lady (who was rather large) was taking her sweet time. Meanwhile all these drivers are slamming on their brakes. I told hubby that we're lucky no one rear ended us. And this isn't the first time this has happened. It happens a lot. I'm so tired of it that I told hubby that I should get a piece of paper and write "Will Not Stop for Jay Walkers. Use a Cross Walk." and stick it to the back windshield. I mean we have bumper stickers saying give the bicycles a good five feet of room.

And there there are the bicyclists. I've seen them ride on the side walks. They aren't supposed to do that and when I'm coming up to turn onto a street you don't see them riding in front of you on the cross walk because they are going so fast and there's all this landscaping. I'm afraid I'm going to hit one. And my other peeve is that they use the pedestrian cross walks to cross the street on. I know that they are going to knock down a pedestrian one day. They need to either ride with traffic like they are supposed to or walk their bike on the cross walk. And for some reason there is always a few bicyclists who insist on riding their bikes against traffic. In our city, they are supposed to ride with traffic.

Oh and helmets and lights. Bicyclists are supposed to have two lights (one in front and one in back) for night time riding and they are supposed to wear a helmet, but many of them don't especially around the university. Many students ride around as their mode of transportation. I guess they think because it's decently lit they can get away without having the lights or a helmet.

I hardly ever see motorcyclists wear a helmet. Someone told me that they don't have to, but that's not correct. They do. It's just that the stupid cops don't enforce the law.

Oh sure set up speed cameras and red light cameras at intersections in our city to catch problem drivers, but don't bother to cite pedestrians and bicyclists and motorcyclists who also are breaking the law.

I told hubby if I see another dumb jay walker, I'm contacting my ward rep and going to rant that there needs to be more enforcing the law on them and less on motorists. It's getting ridiculous and dangerous. I don't want to be responsible for killing someone because they didn't use their head. I don't want that hanging on my conscience whether it was their fault for not using a cross walk or not.

Deep breath in......deep breath out. There I finally got that off my chest. I feel better. Now off to bed.

Side note: Oh, horray! No misspellings. Finally. Since being preggo I have to check all my typing just to make sure that I didn't misspell something yet again. I want my brain back.


  1. I have ranted to my hubby about some/most of the same things. Very annoying. I get if there's not a crosswalk in the area... it stinks but happens rarely, but if it does it doesn't excuse being as unsafe as possible still.

    My brain is gone too... only I'm misreading everything that's written correctly and fixing typo's in my head and reading those correctly. Is weird.

  2. There are cross walks all over the place. They're just being lazy because they don't want to walk the 50 feet to the closest one.

    We have cross walks with lights that aren't even at major intersections so there really isn't an excuse. Our city is very pedestrian friendly.

  3. Yeah, I only mentioned places where there are none because there are some areas here like that. It stinks... esp for someone who walks a lot lol. I hate driving and we have one vehicle (and a standard at that, which I don't know how to drive yet). Thankfully where I'm at now isn't too bad... There is one spot that if I need to cross I have to double back and walk a huge extra distance, but I usually have my daughter with me & so not going to chance it so I just walk extra. Not gonna hurt me.. but I can understand why someone might not do that too. I just don't get why they would do it in the most unsafe way possible.


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