Wednesday, January 20, 2010

temporary look

I got so tired of the new years stuff that I took it down temporarily.

The pictures (or buttons) with the Bible verses on the right hand side are my own designs. I can't take credit for all the pictures. Some of them I think an ex took or I took, I really can't tell you since we used his camera. There is one pic (I haven't loaded it) that my mother in law took. The one's with animals and some of the scenic ones I know that I took.

The picture currently on the right is a shot of a cyprus swamp in Mississippi shot close to wear I grew up. I'm not sure who took the shot, but I doubt my ex will be so picky if I use it.

Oh and the title same thing. It's a picture of the Natchez Trace, a historic now federal road.

(Geez, I think I'm tired. I've read this explanation like a million times and keep finding stupid things wrong about it like the positioning of the pics.)


  1. My humble apologies for hurting you deltaflute.It was not my intention.

  2. Not hurt. Just frustrated. No need to apologize. I'm a big girl. I've argued enough with people in real life that I should have learned to stop and ignore it.


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