Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Those 25 things I keep seeing around

Yeah, I'm totally procrastinating. I know. I know. But the bank isn't going to suddenly sprout legs and move, the dishes aren't pilled that high, and the road is just outside my house. I'm a night person anyway. But I will do a lot of walking today.

So here are 25 things about me that you probably don't know even if you knew me really well.

1) I hated wearing pants when I was kid. I still hate wearing them, but they aren't as bad because now they make jeans with lots of stretch. I also hate makeup, but I'll wear it for hubby occasionally. I still hate bras. They inevitably end up being immediately removed whenever I come home. So please let me know that I need to put my bra back on if you stop over.

2) I wear glasses and am blind as a bat. I started wearing glasses when I was 9 years old and my vision just progressively worsened until I reached my early 20s. If I took my glasses off, I could not read anything on the computer screen.

3) I'm a musician. Usually people ask what I can play. I'm a flute player, but I can play anything accept guitar. I wouldn't say that I played all the instruments well, but if I wanted to it wouldn't be hard to practice them. I would love to learn to play the ukulele. I guess I like folk music right now, but my tastes in music change constantly.

4) I love to sew. I'm not very good at reading patterns though, so I usually come up with my own or trudge through someone else's. I don't know how to knit or crochet. I've tried. It's too confusing for me. All those knots and things. My mom makes quilts so it's a family affair.

5) I love to read. I was reading Middlemarch a book by George Eliot. I like Victorian era English books, but I'll read anything. I also recently plowed through the Phoenix Endangered which is a fantasy novel. And I'm reading two books on parenting. I read a lot of different books at once. I always have. When I was a kid, I started James and the Giant Peach in the morning right before school and finished it on the bus ride home. And yes, I was paying attention in class. I'm a speed reader.

6) I hate bananas, melon, and cantaloupe. I also hate nuts (I'll eat peanut butter but not the crunchy kind). I only eat my eggs scrambled. I'm a picky eater in general, something people said that I would outgrow but haven't. I also dislike adding salt to anything. I'd rather use other seasonings.

7) Most of my friends are male. Keep in mind that I am a musician so I meet more men than women. Although lately I've been involved in Mommy things so I've been making more female friends.

8) I have a younger brother which is how I figure out how old I am in many of my childhood memories. I guess I didn't have a concept of my own age. I remember the day my brother was born (I was three), and I also remember my mother being pregnant with my brother. My mother was astonished that I could remember that far back with accuracy.

9) I'm the VP of ritual for our alum chapter of SAI. SAI is a music fraternity for women, but we have male members too. The alums especially recruit men. My fraternity sisters keep asking me when the "friend of the arts" is going to show up. They're referring to my son.

10) I'm not a "after I wake up" person. My husband has learned to avoid talking to me until I'm wide awake. It doesn't matter if it's morning or an afternoon nap. You can mess with me while I'm groggy at your own parrel.

11) I hate cooking. My husband hates it worse than I do so I do the cooking. Otherwise we'd be eating frozen dinners and hamburger helper every night. Although if I had my way, we would eat out a lot, but the budget is what the budget is. I've learned to be creative which isn't really that hard given that I've got a creative streak in me.

12) I'm not a touchy touchy feely feely person. I only hug people if they make the move first. High fives and hand shakes are acceptable. My husband thinks I'm weird because I don't like kissing him, holding hands, or hugging in public. I shocked an older couple (as in could be my grandparents) at church because I refused to kiss my husband during the sign of the peace. They ended up kissing each other. We hugged.

13) I'm an organized slob. I hate cleaning, but I like to know where everything goes. I just find it tedious to keep putting things back if I'm going to use them again soon. If you look in the baby video, you'll see how messy I am. My husband said that people will think I'm a redneck because there is a cat, a bag of pretzels, and phone sitting next to me. Well, I am a redneck.

14) I am a self-proclaimed plant killer. People are always trying to give me plants and I have to politely tell them that it will eventually die. Oddly, my mom has a green thumb and has a million plants.

15) I don't do sports. The closest I come to anything athletic is swimming. I love to swim and have since I was 9 months old. My husband hates swimming. I guess me and Son can go swimming by ourselves.

16) I've tried to write books but never finished anything including my master's thesis. I do write short poems. I suppose if I get a big enough collection I could publish that.

17) I kept a diary from age 10-18 and I still have it.

18) I've never broken any bones or teeth or anything. Not so much as a sprang. Which is funny because I've purpled a few toes and smashed my finger in the door. Yes, I'm clutzy.

19) I can speak a little French. I'm better at translating because that's what you have to be able to do in the master's program for musicology (music history).

20) I was in the master's program for musicology and finished all my course hours with a 4.0 but never finished the master's thesis. The money ran out and I decided that I did not want to be a professor.

21) I have a BME, bachelor's of music education, which is a more specialized degree than a BA, bachelor's of arts in music education. I finished the program in 4 years with 147 credits. BME candidates are told it will take 4.5-5 years to finish and not to take on a minor. You're basically taking the same classes as performance majors and education majors all in one. The only more complex degree program that I've heard of is engineering. But you get paid little for the effort.

22) I live in a 936 square foot condo. We call it The Pink House because the previous owner had everything pink accept the paint (which was white). We're tried to incorporate warmer tones and update the house.

23) While working with kids all my life, I've adopted two sayings. "We share hugs, we share crayons, we share glue, we share toys, but what we don't share is food." I'm always worried about food allergies and germs. And one for when they need to be quiet and listen. "Unless you're bleeding, on fire, or going to be sick. I don't want to hear it." One day this backfired as a little girl interrupted me and so I started my shpeel. She said, "You said we could interrupt if we are bleeding and my finger is bleeding." LOL I got her a bandaid.

24) I was born in the middle of the hot summer. My mother said if she had it to do over she would have picked another month (which was why my brother was born in late September). I took her advice and that's why my son's birthday will be this month.

25) And the most oddest thing about me is....I am a total Linus. I didn't give up sleeping with my security blanket until I was 13 years old! I gave it up for Lent. Now I won't give up my pillows. They are down and are totally the most awesome pillows ever. I have trouble sleeping without them. I will probably drag them to the labor room with me. I think the nurses will think that I've lost it. Sorry. I've got to be comfortable or you may want to refer to fact number 10.

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