Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dawn

We made it. He was considerably less fussy this past evening. Hubby suggested that since my boobies don't hurt anymore that we just stuff the boobie in his mouth. This seemed to work. At 9pm we all went to bed. He woke up as usual at 11pm so I fed him. Then about 12 midnight we fed him again and again about 1pm. By two he was doing much better. I wonder if he goes on these feeding frenzies and we just didn't realize it.

Now he's happier this morning. Hubby and I slept til about 10am. We are much happier too. The baby is now asleep in his car seat. This is nice because he loves to cuddle; he's a heat seeking missile when he sleeps with us. The next step will be getting him to sleep in the car seat and bassinet. My parents ordered us this teddy bear that is supposed to comfort the baby with sounds like in the womb. They've heard people swear by them. I figure that it never hurts to try. Whatever makes my child happy, I'll do it. Well at this point anyway.

Oh, and we've reached a mile stone. His umbilical chord is practically off. It's holding on by literally a thread. Hubby thinks we should just nick it before it pulls on him. I'm so excited that today when I go out shopping I'm going to get him a tub.

I feel so much better. Thanks for all the hugs and prayers. I just needed a step in the positive direction. This has helped us out a lot.


  1. :-D That's great to hear! I wouldn't be surprised if it is one of those growth spurts. They happen a lot at first... And have fun tub shopping lol. Kalila was closer to a month before hers fell off!

  2. Yeah, totally pleasantly surprised. The sun was shining and we went to check his diaper and I said "Hubby, I think his umbiblical chord is falling off." You could totally see his navel.

    Later today we changed his diaper and it was stuck to skin next to his navel. I pulled it off and we swabbed the area with rubbing alcohol. It's a really cute inny.

    He desperately needs a bath. He keeps peeing on himself and wiggles so much that I don't think we're wiping up all the poo. Then there is excess of skin around his neck and eye lids. It's time. We've been only wiping him with wet wash clothes to keep him clean. He needs a good dunk.

  3. Awww.. The first bath is so much fun. And it really is hard to get them comp clean w/ sponge baths. I'm glad yall didn't have to do that as long lol.


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