Saturday, February 6, 2010

The First Week Home

Our first week home has been a whirlwind. After Monday, I can't seem to remember what happened from one day to the next.

Me first me first....So my legs have returned to their normal size. I watched them slowly shrink. I was excited to discover one day that my feet were once again beautiful. Don't get me wrong. I am not a vain person, but watching myself blow up like a beach ball made me appreciate the body God gave me. I used to not like the way I looked that much and then I became apathetic to my appearance. Now I see just how beautiful I am especially since I'm not swollen. My stomach has slowly shrunk, too. I am able to fit into a pair of large size jeans and t-shirts. I know that I will have a few months until my belly isn't so pouchy, but I plan on re-strengthening my abs after the second week. The dr gave me permission to do that. She just said to avoid any type of exercise that made you do the splits like riding a bicycle until after 6 weeks.

The my son and I are getting really good at the football hold and my very sore nipples aren't hurting as bad. His own chin and lips took a beating, but they've healed nicely. My boobs have since softened (praise to God!). The lactation consultant told us to stick with football hold although we've tried cross-cradle a couple of times. She said we should get really good and comfortable (ie a lot less pain). I figure the next time that she calls to check in on us we might go and try cross-cradle again. Oh, and milk production is fine (I've become really gross and uninhibited as a mom). He eats a ton. Lots of pees and poops and milk mustaches. I even leak if he's slept a long time between feedings. It's really not cool to leak, but it's getting under control. I made myself some breast pads out of flannel and pul. They work a lot better than the disposable ones the hospital gives you. For a while we were tracking everything, but now the feedings have gotten into a rhythm and we're not worried that he's not getting enough. I've learned that wearing a stretchy bracelet helps me remember which boob to start on. I move it from wrist to wrist. It's nice for those 2 am feedings. we decided to use the disposable diapers that the hospital gave us until the meconium left his system. That stuff is hard to get out of diapers. In the mean time a neighbor bought us some diapers and wipes. We tried our first cloth diaper today. We're working on the best way to wrap the pre-fold. His body is so tiny and the diaper looks so huge on him. He's about 8 lbs and the diaper is for 8-15 lbs so I know it's just a matter of him growing into it. I also get concerned about the umbilical chord. It keeps getting scratched. But the diaper held for a poop and a pee now if only we can get it to stay in the cloth and not end up so much in the cover. We'll everyone is learning.

Sleep....we've been trying to figure out a system so that we can all sleep. We have a bassinet but he doesn't like to fall asleep without us. At night, because we're tired we've come to the point of laying him down between us. We also can get him to sleep in the sling and if he sucks on a finger. He also likes the car seat because it's snug. He is a clingy baby. We're probably going to talk to the pediatrician about suggestions for getting our sanity back during the night because he can cry for hours. My mom also suggested using a device to turn him on his side. Yes, I know we aren't following the AAP guidelines, but we are trying to keep him on his back and whatnot. It just becomes a matter of do we want him to get the rest he needs and follow a different path or do we want him to be the AAP's gold standard and not sleep? I'd rather him be sleeping.

Okay so I've covered his three major things to learn: elimination, eating, and sleeping. The rest of the time he is totally adorable. He farts and burps and gives wonderful expressions when he's happy. He even got into a farting contest with dad and won. He He. I love his face. I know he's farting but the corners of his mouth upturn and it's sort of a smile. He also loves to look around as though he's drinking in the whole world. It's really amazing and breath taking. And I swear that I gave birth to a little puppy. He snorts and sniffs a lot especially when he's hungry. I laid him on me and he bee lined for the boob and totally went crazy sniffing it and everything. It's too funny. I told hubby we should take video but he said who would we show it to, it's too incrimination and embarrassing for him when he gets older. So I'm writing about it and confining it to memory.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions about dealing with diaper washing (since I'm totally new to it although I've read a bunch about diaper care) and about getting him to sleep, I would be so thankful.

I feel really blessed to be this little guy's mom and I want to do the best that I can for him. I hope that he grows up realizing that.

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    Diaper washing... Really you'll end up figuring out the exact way that works for yall, but what I do is run them through the rinse cycle (on cold) once no detergent... Then do a regular wash in hot w/ very little detergent. You don't want to use a whole scoop (think a quarter or so, depends on your detergent or washer though). When its finished run it again w/ no detergent.. make sure half way through there are no suds. If there are add another cycle until there's none. If it takes too many you may need to adjust (lessen) the amount of detergent you use. Since he's EBF still you don't have to worry about rinsing out poo at all right now so you're in the very easy stage with that lol. If you have hard water adding washing soda (not baking) can help... and vinegar is great but if you have anything w/ pul in the wash skip it.

    Sleep... I wish I had advice lol. We used a cosleeper that sits on the bed, but Kalila refused to use it for the first two weeks..She'd only sleep on my chest! We've bounced back and forth w/ sleeping well and having sleep issues. I hope yall have an easier time, but from I understand its normal to fight this one for quite awhile.

    I am looking forward to figuring out CD's w/ a newborn lol. We've gone through several folds w/ Kalila but I'm not expecting to just use what we do now for Zavier.. will be a learning process I'm sure. We're going straight to cloth, but w/ liners during that first stage.. I comp understand why yall went w/ sposies though. We considered it.

    Glad BFing is getting better. We started out easy and then had pain the first night home... I remember it being awful. Thankfully it settled down on its own the next day and we had no problems for quite awhile after... not saying there were none, but still. It took me a little longer than you (I think) to stop recording stuff like the hospital told me... it really hurt us to do it though (bad nurse told us to switch after 10 min per side) and drove me insane I worried so much... I prefer cloth nursing pads too. Lanisnoh makes some good sposie ones, but not nearly as good as cloth.

    Glad you're feeling better about yourself too. It took me awhile to get my self back... well honestly the pooch never went away lol. But I did drop the weight (and then some) pretty quickly. I should excersize more in general... have fun w/ that!


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