Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday-the birth

So in the wee hours of Friday morning, I had my blood show. Not fun. They make you go underwear-less in the hospital and let you drip everywhere. No one tells you this. And it's really difficult to unhook yourself to go the bathroom. And I couldn't be unhooked because they were inducing. So I had one arm with the iv and then my mid-body surrounded by the belts (baby monitor and contractions).

Friday morning about 8 am my friend comes in. She was the most awesome. She brought her lap top and web chatted with my husband so he could watch everything that was going on. She talked through everything with me.

Then the dr came in at 9am to break my water. And that was when as Carol Bernett claims- someone took my bottom lip and pulled it over my head. The contractions were much much much stronger. After a while I was thinking "uncle". I asked for the iv drugs. They didn't do anything. They just made me sleepy. I went about an hour more and decided that a few more hours of this would be too taxing for my body. I couldn't move the way I wanted to because I was tethered to machines. I couldn't walk. All I could do for some relief was to lean over the bed. Sitting hurt like a mother f****** (and I'm not a cusser). My friend said that there was no shame in it. She had gotten an epidural and she went without one before to. She said it just all depended.

I called the nurse and asked for the epidural. I had to sit still for three contractions to get it inserted. I literally cried (I was moaning before that). My poor husband could only see a little of it through the screen. Then relief. Okay. Now I can handle this even though I can't feel my legs.

Towards the end of the dialation process I could start feeling them a little. Although it was more of a cramp than anything else. I figure if I had gone through the rest without the epi I would have been ready to tear the roof off the delivery room. So yeah, I'm glad that I took the epidural and I have no regrets.

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  1. Aww.. Glad your husband got to see... and most women who are induced end up with the epi. Completely normal.


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