Monday, February 8, 2010

Green Tips- Electricity

Ever grew up hearing your mom harp on you about turning off the lights when leaving the room? I know that I did. It drove me nuts. But now I understand why. It's a waste. Now I get onto hubby about turning off lights.

Speaking of lights switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to florescents. Yes, I know that florescents have mercury in them so if they burn out you need to dispose of them at a hazardous waste site. You also need to be careful if you break one. Don't touch the mercury with your bare hands. You can get mercury poisoning. Use gloves and a broom with a dust pan and make sure to dispose of these afterwards. The benefits of using florescents is that you use a lot less energy to run the bulb. You also can leave them on for a little while without using up a ton of energy turning them on and off and on again.

Also try to use as little energy as necessary. Unplug your cell phone charger when not in use. Turn off your computer during the day if your not using it. Unplug your tv. In the kitchen, unplug your coffee pot, toaster, and any other appliances that you have plugged in. Better yet, put everything on a power strip and just simply switch the button off. Make sure that the only things that are turned on are things that are charging or are in use (like the fridge or alarm clock). I'm really bad about forgetting to unplug things, but I make an extra effort for when I'm going on vacation. My grandmother did that and she turned off the water going into her house. This stopped her from having to worry about electrical fires and flooding.

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