Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Won!!!!

I Won!!!! I won 20 dollars to And it's a good thing too because it's the little things.

My parents are in town which has helped a lot. And last night hubby and I decided to bust out some supplemental formula until I can get the breast pump thing working for me. They say it takes a while before your body will get to pumping out a decent amount. I've only so far been able to get a little in the bottle. The baby needed the formula. After I fed him, he was still hungry so he sucked down an once and 1/2 and then past out. Today the feedings have been easier. I think that I definitely needed to build up the milk supply and the pump will help with that.

Anyways, I've got a lent theme for the background, but I'll have to do that sometime soon. The baby is napping and I need a nap too.


  1. Congrats! I wondered if that was you lol. I'm the other 2nd place winner :-)

    And good luck w/ the pumping... it helped me to pump one side while feeding on the other, was the only way to get more than the normal (1 to 2 ozish) output. My cousin could only get anything out by hand pumping...Is weird how diff women handle it diff. Babies are so much better at it than most of us lol. Part of me wants to nix the pump altogether this time, but want to donate so i know i'll put myself through it all over again.

    I've been looking for Lent backgrounds and failing miserably lol.

  2. I can't believe I just thought of this.... there was a supplement that I took while nursing, and my friend had told me about it and I in turn told other friends about it and we all swear by it. Go to It's a liquid that is horrible tasting, but it boosts your milk supply in less than 24 hours. As a matter of fact, I had to quit taking it because I was producing an overabundance.

    My friend who first told me about it, could never get her baby to latch properly so she pumped solid for 12 months. I don't think she ever had to even use formula. The bottle is about $50, but it lasts a while and I promise it is worth ever stinkin' penny!!!!!

  3. Added to that last one there's also Mothers Milk Tea, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle (both those last two are in the tea and prob in the supplement she mentioned), and a ton of other herbs and things that help boost supply. Oatmeal is another big one... But you really don't need to go to those for pumping issues.. its for low supply... which pumping issues can cause so it is good to keep in mind lol. Oh and don't forget your water..that will affect it too!


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