Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mother/Baby Unit and Jaundice

So we were transferred in the evening. I dropped him off for his bath and had to be told to give him a kiss and say good-bye. That was weird because at the day care I would have to tell parents to do that. Ah, well. What goes around comes around.

That night I was exhasted so my MIL held the baby during the night for me so I could sleep. He freaked out to be put down and wouldn't sleep even though he was equally exhausted. The next day began the round of people working on him. They took tests and he met with the pediatrician. My husband was also able to show up and that was nice. I became very dependent at this point on people because I was hurting and tired. My legs had swollen up like the Michelson man's. My butt (for good reason episotomy) was sore. It sucked.

The pediatrician started to worry me because my son was showing jaundice. He told us to strip him down and set him in the sun and to feed him. I just figured well this is normal.

The next day was similar to the day before (this is Sunday in case you're following). We had to stay at the hospital an extra day because of the need for antibiotics. I still had Michelin man legs and was starting to feel yucky because I hadn't taking a shower since Thursday evening. Except now his jaundice was worse. There was talk that he might have to stay and since the hospital was full I would be kicked out and have to return. Well the baby blues had started kicking in. I had balled earlier when I watched them take blood for the jaundice test. He, naturally, was fine and not crying. I was not going to be separated from my child. No, no, no. Watch a fully grown woman throw a fit or become totally hysterical, but I wanted to be with my baby. The test came back and the level was reasonable. The pediatrician said that there was no reason to separate us that that was ridiculous. He told us to go home and to see our pediatrician on Monday (he was the on call pediatrician).

So Sunday we went home. Monday my in-laws left. Hubby and I were totally on our own. We took him to the pediatrician and she looked him over. Declared that there was no reason for an additional test that his jaundice didn't look serious at all and said "just feed him."

The MOPS people provided us with our first meal that afternoon and we tried to get into the routine of being a family. Monday night my boobs which were sore and cracked and purple but not yet screaming with pain suddenly became rocks. And I was in agony. My milk had come in so between feedings I would express and then ice them up.

Now we're up to Tuesday and today is Saturday. So I'll probably post some more of the more interesting things tomorrow if I steal a chance. I need to go relieve hubby and I'm starting to see water again which means I need sleep. There's a lot more detail that I could give in my story, but I think that I've covered the major things.

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