Monday, February 15, 2010


So hubby called the ob today and they were able to see me. The doctor says that part of the problem is my lack of sleep. She, at first, suggested putting him on formula, but I balked. Then she said to go ahead and try pumping that way hubby can feed him a couple of times so that I can get full and restful sleep. She wants to try that before going on to meds because that's not good for the baby. She also said that I need to go on two dates with hubby before I see her next, and she said that once we get onto a good feeding schedule that I should get out of the house. She said that that will help with sleep too.

So we'll try it and see.

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  1. I completely get where this is coming from because PPD is not something to mess with (and like i said before, been there) but... word of warning. Giving a bottle at night (even if its your own milk) w/ out pumping when you'd normally nurse can cause problems. Engorgement, mastitis, loss of milk supply, etc. Not fun. I know she's trying to be helpful and sleep is important but still you might want to research this a bit. is a good resource if you haven't looked through it yet. Honestly I haven't yet.. have used kellymom for other stuff but not this. Saving it to take note of for myself.


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