Tuesday, February 23, 2010

selling cloth diapers

So I won the Go Baby Go diaper contest and finally got around to ordering a couple more covers. On investigation, I learn that Go Baby Go will let you make a little money on the side in two ways: you can host a party or be an independent consultant. This seems pretty cool and something that I could do in the future once the baby is a little older. I have a friend who sells pampered chef, but I'm not into cooking and you have to spend a lot of money to haul around a lot of gadgets. I've had several friend sell Avon which has a low upfront cost, but everyone sells Avon and it makes it difficult. I also don't like the fact that it's geared toward women which leaves out half the population of men (unless they buy for the wives/girlfriends). I have an abundant amount of male friends.

Now selling cloth diapers is a very select market too, but most people aren't aware that cloth diapers have changed. Everyone envisions that cloth diapers are so labor intensive both for washing and for folding. They really have no idea just how easy and cost affective it is.

For those of you who haven't seen my break down click here. I talk about different types of cloth diapers and how it's financially beneficial. But I don't talk about washing them or folding the prefolds.

Because my baby is breastfed, hubby and I just simply change the prefold part and throw it into a dry pail. I wash the diapers every other day. We only have four covers (I recommend 6-8) and we end up wiping them with water or hydrogen peroxide and using a "fresh" cover when changing him. Snappies are awesome. I bought four of them, but I only use two which I switch out.

I know in the future washing will be a little different as he gets into solid foods. We'll probably have to switch to using a soaking method. Our washing machine in our condo doesn't have a rinse or soaking cycle. I don't understand why, but it is an industrial one instead of a home use one.

There are several ways to fold a prefold, I researched them a lot before our son was born. Your main ones are newspaper, bikini twist, and angel wing. I've seen a few others like jelly roll. Bikini twist is for girls mostly so we've never bothered using that one. I tried the newspaper, but it doesn't catch his runny breast fed poos. That's why snappis are awesome. We use angel wing and sort of a modified version where we splay the front part. You could call it a double angel wing. It seems we're not the only ones who do this. I've seen a few youtube videos showing people doing the same thing.

Anyway...it's really very easy. I changed thousands of disposable diapers at the day care and changing my son takes the same amount of time. Less so because he's breast fed and the other children were potty training toddlers.


  1. Planning to read this more closely later, gotta put stuff away and sore... but have to say... I thought about selling Go Baby.. the amounts you'd make wouldn't work out for me. Sounds good for pocket change. I could be wrong though. Avon does have mens products, but beyond that you're dead on with that... Great start up cost, but... its really going badly for me.

  2. Ok read the whole thing sooner than planned lol (back pain keeping me in chair).

    Have you seen the cost calculators? Might be a good addition to this. They include washing/detergent costs or spaces to put them in. Is one of the things that convinced me to switch. I realized I was really wrong in thinking I wouldn't save money.

    I've heard of people doing the twist for boys, but I don't think I would either lol. It worked great for Kalila for awhile... we ended up switching to the angel fold because it holds in more poo. Or holds it better anyway.

    I started after solids were introduced so I'm looking forward to the easy cleanups you mention lol... its not bad at all afterwards either though. Like w/ everything else in parenting you'll go through several things before you find what works best for you. I go between the traditional dunk and swish (which I never recommend to people, but it works & doesn't gross me out) and using the shower head as a diaper sprayer over the toilet. I've heard of designated spatulas for scraping too... or liners. We only use liners with rash cream and we're back to cloth safe cream (Go Baby has the brand we like & its AWESOME) and when we do they're cloth too so we still have to do one of the above w/ those. What's great though... is the day the child becomes solid. Shake in toilet and that's it lol. Unfortunately Kalila still bounces back and forth with that though because certain foods cause issues. Leftover fallout from introducing them too soon :-(

    As for your washer... 2 options. You can run a whole cycle w/ no detergent before your normal one... is what I used to do before I discovered the second one. Or.. you might be able to turn your dial the middle of the nini so it only hits the rinse part of the normal cycle (because it has to rinse at some point lol). That works great for me, but not seeing your dial I don't know if it will for you. Even the extra cycle doesn't add much to cost or time.

  3. Unfortunately our dial has three things: cold, warm, and hot. The rest of it is automatic. We don't even have a delicate cycle. I try to avoid washing two loads. We have to use quarters and it already is costing us twice what we used to use to wash his diapers. I figure that I can soak and then throw it in the washer when he starts solids. And I'm not oposed to scraping and dunking. I haven't asked hubby how he feels, but we'll see.

    I wish we had our own washer and dryer, but we'd have to get a stackable (super expensive) have a line run into a closet (another expense) and lose closet space. Right now our Homeowners Association is in financial issues and they pay for the water. A lot of people who use their own washer are really messing them up. I personally think we should pay for our own individual water usage rather than for everyone else's accessive use. But that's another blog rant.

  4. Oh no! Yeah soaking sounds like the best option in that case. I dont like how water usage is doled out here either... The apartments are broken up into sections, 4 apts in each.. and they calculate what all of us use and divide it by how many people are in the apt... So when Kalila went up our bill doubled even though our laundry didn't really change. Thankfully that's going to be history soon though lol.

  5. Yuck!!! Surely they could have separate meters for separate apartments. It's silly to make people pay for a large percentage of someone else's usage. As I mentioned I live in the desert, but our HOA has grass. They use reclaimed water (old toilet water), but it's still a major waste. And I know that people aren't careful about how much water they use. People who live next to a water source are lucky. I know that I never thought of water shortages when I lived in Mississippi, but now I have to think about it all the time.

  6. :-( I'm sorry that stinks too. We're talking about putting down grass when we move (or at some point) but looking into the low water ones because despite having a good amount of rain here lately, there's been droughts and we end up on water restrictions a lot. And we're already gonna have the garden to worry about.


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