Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Short Post

I forgot to mention in the last post that those kushies (all-in-ones) that we bought totally suck. They leak (so I guess they don't suck). My hubby hates them and I hate them. I think that we'll stick with pre-folds unless we buy another brand. I hear bumgenius has a good all-in-one.

The covers that we use are awesome. They are bummis. I have four new born covers. For the next baby (if we have another one), I'll probably buy two more. It's tough with just the four covers. Yes, I did break down and buy new born size. Now I think he's big enough for the small size, but we haven't tried them yet. I had previously purchased four and then I bought two more with my gobabygo win. I was going to make medium size covers for later (and probably still will) and some prefolds, but my mom offered to buy them for us. She's really big into cloth. I think that I've heard great things about Thirsties and will probably direct her to buying those and some Indian prefolds. I would have bought them in a small size but gobabygo doesn't care their product and bummis is the next best thing or so I've heard.

Oh, and hubby contracted a virus on his computer. Seems it piggy backs on updates for Adobe. So be careful. It won't kill your computer, but it acts like a anti-virus software and won't let you get into parts of your computer. You have to pay them to remove the virus so that's how it scams you. Hubby's going to spend the whole evening trying to remove the virus. Fortunately, the lap top is not infected; it's just the desk top so....


  1. Oh no! I've heard all sorts of bad things about Kushi's too. Never tried BG's AIO, but have thier pockets. Mixed feelings. The velcro is awful on them. They do great for awhile and then need to be fixed. The AIO's have a snap version though so that's a plus. I like KnickerNappies but we dont need more pockets...

    Bummis are another that worked good for us for awhile. Same velcro probs as BG's.. They are cute too. They run on the small size though, Thirsties are a little bigger but still fit when the baby's on the smaller end. Its hard to explain lol. Kalila can still fit in both a medium and a large right now (we have the old ones, not the duo). And despite having velcro it holds up longer, not sure why. But like you said GBG doesn't carry them...

    Sorry about the virus. That stinks.

  2. We got rid of the virus. Hubby was able to use the laptop to look up ways to get rid of it and so far everythings fine. Just wanted to warn people to think before absent mindedly downloading an update for adobe. That's how he contracted the virus.

    Thanks for the info about the diapers. Velcro is no problem. I can sew so I can fix it or put on new velcro. Cotton babies sells old BG's and people are always saying that they end up fixing the velcro and then they work fine. I'm not sure that we'll go to using pockets or all-in-ones. I think the system we have works and is afordable. The only thing that I may change is getting snaps because I've heard of kids ripping their diaper off (but that depends on the child). And maybe getting some fitted diapers if he's squarmy and gets major poos/pees. But so far pre-folds are working great. I like them better than the cheap disposable diapers. Those things leak. Huggies is way too expensive. 9 dollars a week. Forget it.

  3. That's great.

    I'd be repairing mine too but I'm still having issues w/ my sewing machine... Snaps do help with keeping diapers on too. That's a point I hadn't thought of yesterday but is another reason I prefer them. Btw, Thirsties Duo covers just came out in snaps! :-D I like fitteds too, but the cost difference is just too much. I'm debating using part of that money I won from GBG to get another one though.


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