Friday, February 5, 2010

T Minus 3

So Monday before the birth (what day was that exactly January 25?) I ended up in the hospital. I came down with a stomach bug (coming up both ends) and got real dehydrated. We ended up going in early Tuesday morning (after trying to keep taking meds to stop the vomiting) to get hydrated. The nurses had to prick my arm four times to run an iv for fluids. And then they gave me a couple of drugs to settle my stomach one of which, phenogrin, caused me to become agitated.

So then Wednesday morning I had to go back to my dr to see if they could still induce. I had lost 2 lbs in a matter of two days but she said that I seemed to be hydrated and stuff. So we were still on. But then she said something that was a foreshadow of the days to come "I'm surprised that since you guys live together and are in close proximity that he didn't come down with the virus."

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