Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday- the induction

Thursday morning my husband came down with the stomach bug. Fortunately his was mild enough that he could hold down fluids. I felt all too guilty leaving him on his own in order to spend the night in the hospital to be induced, but it was now or never (in my mind). I called a good friend of mine and begged her to be there Friday morning when the dr was supposed to break my water. I knew that there was no way that hubby would be able to be there so she was my plan B. Fortunately she agreed but had an important engagement during the day for a couple of hours.

Thursday evening at 9pm I drove myself to the hospital and took my own gear by myself inside. I was totally nervous. I mean who takes themselves on purpose to a hospital by themselves? Was I brave or just plain stupid?

They gave me the antibiodics for four hours and then about 2 in the morning they started the petocin. Things went fine during the early morning. Of course I couldn't sleep, but the contractions were fine. I watched a rerun of the Duggar clan (they had cable and we don't at home). It was the episode of her giving birth to their 17th child. What a thing to watch during your own labor.

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