Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Updates

Eating- We have successfully been able to do all the latches. He has outgrown the football hold because he keep kicking the back of chairs and as a result pops off. I like the cradle hold because it keeps me from bringing the boppy everywhere. I like the Boppy for when I'm trying to eat or some other mult-tasking while feeding him so I use it at home. In fact I spilled some tomatoes on it and now I need to change/wash the cover. We are also good at the side-laying in bed thing. This is great for me because I'm such a cranky butt when I wake up. I can get him on and slowly wake up. It's also great when I want to rest and am tired of sitting up. I also have been successful at feeding him a church. I use the cradle hold and then throw the blanket over my shoulder. I don't normally use a blanket in public, but I try to be more respectful in church. We don't have a cry room.

Pooping- The crazy poop thing has resolved itself. It's still a little green. I spoke the lactation consultant who runs our Breast Feeding Support Group. She said that usually an imbalance occurs when you feed them for 3-5 minutes and switch sides. I wasn't doing that, but I do have slow let downs. So now instead of looking at the clock or thinking that it's been a while since he's had many swallows, I count the number of let downs. It usually takes a good 10-15 minutes before the second let down so I've been waiting to get to that one if not waiting for a third one, which occurs 30 minutes after the start of a feeding. Therefore I've been focusing on feeding one boobie at a time, but sometimes I give him the other one because he's still hungry after the third let down. I try to wait and make sure that it is hunger and not gas. He gets fussy when he needs to be burped.

Oh, and he's gotten big enough that we've retired the newborn size covers and use the small ones. He still has major runny poos which makes me think that we should buy a few more covers, but that's something to discuss with hubby. He tends to poo about 3 or 4 times a day usually after 1 or 2 feedings in the day and maybe one poop at night. He's also had some diaper leaks. For some reason he leaks at church. Strange.

Sleeping- We've got him on a really good routine. He takes random cat naps during the morning and has one long afternoon nap at 1:00pm. The he goes to bed at 9 pm. We usually change his diaper, rap him in a swaddle blanket (aka his bunting), and give him a snack/meal before sleeping. Then we turn on the bear and lay him fully awake but happy in the bassinet. He doesn't fuss and a few minutes later he is out. It's amazing how far he's come. When he was a week old, we had to hold him and rock him to go to sleep. We also had to make him sleep in our bed. He also hated sleeping on his back. I still let him sleep in bed with me from time to time, but that's because we can side-lay feed if I'm sleeping too. Now he only wakes up to eat about 2:30 or 3 am and then again at 5 or 6. It's harder at 6 to get him to go back to sleep. But once he's out he'll sleep til 8 now.

Other things: His vision is much stronger. He is now noticing the dangling toys on his swing and he started cooing at the cat. He makes a wide variety of noises. He coos, shrieks/whines, and just today I notices some sort of breathy coo that seemed to me like the beginnings of a laugh. And he has adorable fully awake gummy/toothless grins. His whole face lights up. This usually occurs after he's had a great nap, then a great feeding, and is getting his diaper changed. I should keep a camera over there and try to capture it. It's so cool to watch him get bigger physically (he's almost 11 lbs) and mentally. Before the only thing he knew how to do was cry. Now I have a better idea of what he wants and it makes us both happier and calmer.

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  1. Awww - how cute!

    I hadn't heard about imbalance only after 3 to 5 minutes - I've heard of it happening after switching at 15 to 20 min's though... and that's what happened to me too. My guess is time limits really depend woman to woman and prob even baby to baby. One boo (our pet word lol) a feeding worked best for us too in the beginning. And the green may continue... as long as its not slimey that doesn't necessarily mean anything. Gotta love poo colours lol.

    We do have a cry room at Church and I plan to cover there too. I don't elsewhere, but just a comfort thing. There's a few people I do it around too, like my FIL. That may change as I get more comfortable... I started out using pumped milk around him and worked my way up to a cover, so hopefully I'll eventually be ok nursing around him like I normally do in public, modest but not as awkward as the covers are.

    Is so cute hearing all the milestones and things. I can't wait to do that again. Your little one sounds like he's doing great too. :-D Keep up all the good work (and enjoy the little cutie).


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