Sunday, March 7, 2010

Book Review- Breastfeeding A Parent's Guide

So right now my baby boy is sitting in a wrap while his daddy is playing games on the computer. It's so cute. My hubby is totally amazed at how well wraps work. It calms the baby down considerably especially since his diarrhea episode this morning. To keep it short, he didn't have a poop yesterday which sort of concerned me but he had numerous pees. He also had tummy noises which wasn't normal for him but I chalked it up to well he's growing. So today I went to Mass on my own. Some lovely moms sat next to me. The Mass I've switched over to is a family Mass so there are a ton of children. Anyway. He made his usual pooing noises so I was going to wait and change him until I noticed the ooze. Yeah, even a disposable diaper would have leaked. I ran to the bathroom where a nice lady with her daughter let me cut. And discovered the huge amount of poo that came out of a tiny baby. I'm not new to diarrhea so I basically stripped him and made the executive decision to bird bathe in the sink. It was cold so he screamed. I felt bad but he was covered in it and I got some on me. Now I'm just keeping my eye out for any other diarrhea and to monitor his pees for hydration. It's real easy for little babies to become dehydrated when they have a loose stool. Anymore than one case of diarrhea is not good.

But you aren't reading this to hear me talk about poo. I've talked too much about diapers anyway. So let's talk about my favorite thing....boobies!!! Well breast feeding. Around here at my house we refer to breasts as boobies and breast milk as boobie juice. Yes, I am weird. Boobie juice is nutritious and delicious. LOL

Before I had the baby, I knew that I would breast feed. We have this great used bookstore and we went one day and I checked out the baby section and found this great book. It's called Breastfeeding: A parent's guide written by Amy Spangler who is a nurse and a lactation consultant. The book is an awesome easy to read source of information.

She gives you a break down of definitions at the beginning. She talks about what's so great about boobie feeding for the mom and baby. She discusses how boobie juice production works and how to get started. She tells you how to take care of your boobies and how to eat properly. She talks about how to get started breastfeeding and why you should start shortly after the baby is born. There is even a section for dads.

My favorite parts are about boobie feeding problems, how to boobie feed when working, and collecting and storing boobie juice. I refered to the boobie feeding problems when my milk came in and boobies became rocks. I was in so much pain from the birth and now the breasts hurt that I couldn't remember what to do. Being able to quickly find the section on engorgement was awesome (great index and great table of contents). She even said that some women use cabbage leaves, but I just used ice.

There is also a section on weaning and a section of commonly asked questions. The weaning will come in handy later and when I wanted to know about alcohol and breast feeding I found it in two places in the book: the section on eating and commonly asked questions. I figured that I should celebrate my son's birth but do so safely. You should limit the amount you drink if you choose to drink. And she said to drink right after a feeding to allow time for the alcohol to pass through your system.

The only thing that I have negative about the book is that while it has a diagrams for the different feeding holds and a general description of how to start breast feeding, I wish that it was more descriptive for each of the holds. It also tells you to use different ways to hold your breasts to support them while feeding, but the hospital only recommended the U hold for all positions and especially discouraged the V-hold or scissor hold. She also doesn't give a recommendation for which feeding hold to try first. Most hospitals recommend the football hold especially for C-section moms. But that's it and I knew that because of having help at the hospital.

The rest of the book is an awesome reference and resource. Two thumbs up.


  1. Nice!

    As for the poo... All of Kalila's newborn poo was the explosive diarriaish poo. I've never known a baby (well other than formula fed ones) who've had anything else. Anyways... the sposie comment made me laugh because those leak worse with it than cloth. Not even kidding. Many outfits ruined because we were using those. As soon as we switched to cloth it got held in.

  2. his poo is normally a watery grainy type. This was more slimy so it was truly upset stomach for him. I decided to take things easy today and not run errands just to make sure that it was a one episode thing.

  3. If it was slimy... have you considered hindmilk imbalance? Do you switch sides after a certain time? If you do its likely the imbalance... We had that at first too because our nurse insisted we switch like that. :-/ I couldn't figure out why she had slimy poo and all that. It wasn't every change, but the more time past the more it happened. When we stopped switching (waiting until she popped off instead or one side per feeding) it went away.

  4. Humm...didn't think about that. If I kept him on one breast and wait for him to pop off on his own he can chow down for a good 30 minutes (he did shortly after birth) the pediatrician said not to let him do that. But maybe I should just try letting him eat on one each feeding and see what happens because today he had a huge poo but it was normal.

  5. Bad pedi.. Sorry, but even the best pediatrician can give horrid BF advice. You want him to do that because that way he gets enough (preferably all) of the fatty hind milk. That will help him gain his weight (which can be done w/out that of course, but it can hinder some babies weight gain if they don't) and keep from having those imbalance issues. There's more info about it on KellyMom if you're interested.


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