Friday, March 12, 2010

The Case Against Slings aka the Case for Wraps

My son fell asleep by himself!! Normally at nap time I sleep with him. This nap time he was fully awake and I put him in the bassinet so that I could run and get the laundry out of the dryer. I put the laundry away and went to check on him and he fell asleep on his own. Granted he was fed and wrapped in his bunting and was totally happy. But yeah, he did it himself. He's never fell asleep without someone around. He must be getting older. Well he's six weeks today. Crazy.

Anyways...I added another list of links to baby wearing and wrap websites. I had purchased a Sleepy Wrap from Amazon and I love it more than the sling. The sling has recently run into problems. I own an Infantino and apparently they are linked to several deaths of infants. The children lay in a curved position causing their necks to come into their chests and they tend to roll towards their parent's clothing and suffocate that way. The article says that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is going to issue a warning against slings. My MIL graciously sent me the article.

My son is a little over ten pounds and his neck muscles are getting stronger so I've been using the wrap more so that he can look out. He loves it. He falls asleep in it and he calms way down. Even his dad likes using it. I went to Walmart today. I used an online suggestion of tying it on before getting in the car so that the long ends did not drag in the parking lot. I parked, took him out of his car seat (where he was fussy), and put him in. Instant peace. I grabbed a cart. We went inside. At first people just kinda looked at us. It's a little strange for people to see a baby being worn in a wrap. Then one of the employees stopped me. There was much ohhing and ahhing and asking about the wrap and she even stopped one of her co-workers to point out how cool it was. She thought it was great because it was like being in the womb and my hands were free to do stuff. Then while going to check out another lady in a power chair/chart stopped me. Mostly it was about the baby, but you can tell that people noticed us more because of the wrap. Maybe I'll start a trend in our area.

A lot of the ladies in the breast feeding support group that I go to have talked about the wraps and ring slings that they own. But I haven't seen them use them. I've seen the strollers. I also have seen a few MOPS moms baby wearing. One wears a Mei Tei. It's really cool (she's Asian). So there are people out there. They aren't bold about it. I suggested to my MIL to let my hubby's cousin know about wraps. As I told her, they are really great for housework if nothing else. My MIL thinks the wraps are neat. I sent her a picture of her son wearing her grandson.

Well there you have it. A Case Against Using Slings and a Case for Using Wraps. Incidentally Wraps are way easier to clean than slings (which have plastic or metal sometimes). Wraps you just throw in the wash.


  1. Well more like case against bag slings. Ring slings are safe too as are hotslings. I can't stand the hotslings style lol, but still... I really want to get a wrap though. I see them used a lot around here.. not as much as strollers, but still a lot.

  2. I did the sling, wrap and baby bjorn and I love my wrap the most! I didn't start using the sling with Sadie until she was over a month old and had more neck control and it was a pain to get used to using. It did work really well once I got the hang of it (it was the soft kind without the harder bottom that I've heard cause the problem) but Sadie also grew out of it very fast... and I accidently shrunk it in the wash after that, so I think that's pretty much the end of my sling. I'm keeping my eyes out for a good sale to get more material to do another wrap so I can have one to wash and one to use.

    The baby bjorn was good for walking around when we were out in town, but we outgrew it so quickly! It only goes up to 25 lbs and when you start at around 10 lbs that goes fast!

    And it's so exciting that your little one is falling asleep on his own! That's a big thing! I can't even remember how old Sadie was when she finally started doing that, but it wasn't all that long ago! Congratulations!


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