Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Cystic Fibrosis Test

I will try to keep this post short because the baby is sleeping and I'm utterly spent myself.

So today we went to get the Cystic Fibrosis test or sweat test down. The hospital is on the other side of town from where I live, but I have been there before. I parked at the emergency room and had to walk completely around the outer perimeter of the hospital because there was all this construction. Needless to say, I got my exercise for the day in. I had to wait for the elevator to take us to the first floor where the lab was. I was running late because I did not anticipate all the construction and having to walk, but oh well.

The hospital has a check in station for the lab. I checked the baby in and paid the co-pay fee. We waited for the tech who was really nice btw to come and get us. We walked back to her very tiny office which she shares with two other people. I feel for her. I think anyone who has to torture children deserves a nicer office that looks more friendly and less cramped. She did have a small selection of children's books but the baby is a baby. It wouldn't have distracted him.

Anyways she had to perform the test on both arms one at a time. First she swabbed the arms with water and some sort of chemical solution. Then she placed gauze on his arms and applies a copper plate connected to electricity on his arms for five minutes a piece. This stimulates his sweat glands and basically tortured him. He was not happy and screamed the entire time. And there was nothing that I could do but hold him and try my best to make it more pleasant. If one can make torturing a small child pleasant. Then she swabs the arms again with water and places gauze and some sort of plastic sticky thing over the gauze in order to make him sweat. His arms at this point are bright red. He just woke up.

trying to feed him

had to wait for him to sweat for 30 min. during that time had to change him and feed him. came back more torture to pull off sticky things and pull out gauze. his arms aren't red anymore tech said that they could be for 24 hrs. but he has little burn marks on him :(

tech said should know results in 1/2 hr and should hear from pediatrician if I don't hear I'll call in about an hour. will update then I hate typing one handed

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  1. Aww... I'm sorry yall had to go through that. Praying the tests come out good.


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