Saturday, March 20, 2010


Whatever happened to hand power? This question keeps popping in my mind. Why? Well...

The condo I live in was built in the 70s. So it has three circuit breakers. One for the bottom floor, one for the top floor, and one for the air conditioner/ heater. The bottom floor gets tripped when you run the microwave with the toaster oven or anything else in that same plug. Why? Because the house was built in the 70s, they didn't use that much power. Now it's the 21st century and plugged in is...toaster, toaster oven, oven, fridg/freezer, microwave, coffee pot, three light fixtures/ceiling fan, dishwasher, garbage disposal, tv, sound system complete with the wii, ps2, dvd player, and vhs player, computer complete with monitor, tower, speakers, printer/copier/scanner, cell phone charger, charger for baby monitor, regular phone/answering machine, well you get the idea. And that's the downstairs.

Then my son has a swing. It uses batteries so we have rechargeables which is cheaper than regular batteries. My MIL was saying that hubby lived in his swing but winding it up made him wake up. Winding it up? I was puzzled at first but then I though back to my very early childhood and thought....they did used to have to be wound up. And veggies were chopped by hand not a food processor. We didn't have a million ways to entertain ourselves and hardly anybody had a computer. Microwaves used to be enormous. Telephones had very long chords because there was no such thing as cordless so they didn't plug into an electrical outlet.

And that is why my microwave and toaster oven cannot be used at the same time. Because we used to use a whole lot less of electricity.

I miss hand power. I miss watching the adults wind up a swing. Bring it back. Bring it back. I miss hand power.

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