Monday, March 22, 2010


So I've finished rearranging things. I put all my links on different pages and categorized so that I can easily get to stuff.

I've also cleaned and reorganized my house. I got rid of a bunch of clothes. I'm not working anymore so there is no point in keeping tons of different types of clothes for different types of work. I've changed jobs a lot over the years. Plus a lot of it is really too snug. By the time I get around to wearing that stuff, it'll be out of style. I've also put our wedding picture in the frame a friend bought for it (long story). And I bought a collage frame and put pictures of the baby in it. We haven't had any pictures in the house up until this point. The old frame (which used to have our wedding picture) will be used for a picture of the baby's baptism.

The baby's baptism will be April 11. I wonder if there's an widgets for that. hummm... We took the class already. It was boring to me and to hubby who said he didn't learn anything either. I taught Confirmation so I also had to teach the teens about their baptism. Nothing new. But they make you take a class anyway.

Got my nursing tanks in and washed them. I've already decided how I'm going to use one as part of an Easter outfit. It's sad when you dress nice for church only. That's being a parent. I'd rather have spit up on my old ratty t-shirts.

Also got my nursing dress in today. I tried it on because I wasn't sure if it would fit. I think it's a little big. Not tent big mind you, but I suppose that I think it's big because all my pre-pregnancy clothes are a little tight. Yes, I can wear some of the pre-pregnancy clothes. Basically I went from an 8 to a 10 so anything that was stretchy still fits and anything that was a little big fits. Hubby said that it looked fine. So it's fine. I'll have to wash it and save it for the big day. HB's baptism that is.

I want to go to Penney's to pick up a couple more nursing bras. I only have two and they are being used like work horses. I like the ones from Target but they don't carry a beige color so...

So I'm set for Spring. Did all my spring cleaning and updating really quickly. Although I need to go to the laundry mat to do the seasonal washing of the pillows and heavy bed linens. They have huge washers for that sort of thing. Oh, and planning on boiling with dwv (distilled white vinegar) some shirts that have accumulated arm pit stains. I want to see if the tip on vinegar tips works because the soaking in dwv didn't work the last time I tried it. So I guess that I'm not completely done.

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