Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Formality of Formal Occasions

So being that I was a band geek I went to several Band Banquets which were formal things. We had a formal dinner, an award ceremony, and a dance. It was like the Prom for Band geeks.

One Band Banquet a girl went in a tux with her boyfriend in a matching tux. Why? Because as she put it, she was not really that into dresses and because she wanted to.

One Band Banquet my dates were two of my best girl friends. Am I gay? No. I just wanted to take two of my friends along for the fun. So what's wrong with that?

Apparently in another school district in Mississippi, see article, a lesbian girl was denied the right to wear a tux and take her girlfriend to the prom. Rather than accommodating the teen (this is a public school after all), they canceled prom.

It's ridiculous. Who cares if she wears a tux and takes a girl as her date? What's the big deal? It's a public school so you can't discriminate.

I applaud Constance. Why? Because back in the 90s I didn't have enough backbone to speak up for myself and say that the prayer at the football games violated my civil rights. But Constance did. And now she's getting flack for it. I'm sure that I would have gotten flack for it as well. I mean most of the school was Baptist or Methodist. Most of my family is Baptist. So saying that it wasn't right to not have a Catholic priest say a prayer or two would have earned me nasty looks. And I'm sure that the school would have stopped prayer at the football games and I would be the one who got the brunt of the blame. Constance is not the only girl who wants to take girls to formal occasions and to wear a tux to formal occasions. So what's the big deal, Ittawamba County Schools? I mean I took two girls to Band Banquet and nobody cared.

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  1. Agreed. We don't have to agree w/ thier beliefs at all, but we should respect them as people. Its sad...


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