Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hubby's Home

Hubby's home!!! I survived the week without him and he got home last night. I must say that I have a great appreciation for single moms/dads especially those whose family has basically abandoned them. And I totally feel for teenage moms. It's tough. No one should be a parent alone. I mean that's why some experts believe that in the US postpartum depression is so prevalent. Other countries/cultures don't have that problem. But they also have extended family who help a lot and the child is treated so well. This is not normal in the US.

We're just now turning towards more loving attitudes of parenting. We used to discourage breast feeding and baby wearing and it was totally okay for babies to "cry it out" even when they were days old. I went to a restaurant and the baby was fussy. Some elderly lady said that it was good for the baby to cry because it was good for their lungs. Um. False. Crying is a way for a baby to talk to its parents not to build up lungs. They are trying to say...hey I'm hungry, tired, bored, wet, etc. A person can build up their lung capacity simply from breathing. I know. I'm a musician. Didn't build up my lung capacity from crying.

My son cries when he wants to be picked up. He hates being set down, which unfortunately has to happen while I'm cooking or eating anything hot. Sorry baby boy. Safety first! I'd rather have him cry because he isn't being held then crying in the emergency room because something hot got spilled on him.

Children in other cultures rarely cry. Why? Because once they start making even so much as a wimper they are immediately attended to. Does this make them spoiled? Actually no. It makes them trust people more and they feel safe and confident enough to be independent. Don't you feel more likely to take on the world when you know that there is someone around to back you up? I know that I do. So do babies.

So go on. Love your baby. Pick them up when they cry. You can't love a child too much.

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  1. 110% Agreed. I've heard some of those comments myself, esp when I was pg last time. My mom actually told me that I would want to jolt her while she was sleeping so she'd cry because she'd need to build her lungs. Yes I set her straight lol. A lot of advice that doesn't mesh w/ me I just smile and nod, but that one (and the giving her water one) I said something, esp since it was coming from my mom lol. Made it a little easier to explain why I don't agree (and why if she's around I do not want her doing behind my back, my real fear there).


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