Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am That Girl

Yes, I am that girl. The one who always forgets something. I've forgotten to: brush my teeth, brush my hair, put on deodorant, change my spit up shirt, take my vitamin, give the baby his vitamin, put on my watch, wear my wedding ring (no not on purpose), shave my legs, eat, and shave my arm pits. Now I'm waiting to forget things like put on my underwear and take a shower.

And no this suddenly didn't happen over night although it's gotten worse. I'm so low maintenance when it comes to appearance that I quite fixing my hair and settle with brushing it and maybe the occasional pony tail. I've also quite buying makeup because it will expire before I actually get around to wearing it again. Lately, my idea of makeup up has been using the breast care cream for lip balm. And I have a ton of lotion but I only think about putting it on if I'm itchy or if I don't want to get sun burnt.

Yes, I am that girl. The one who you pass in the supermarket but don't want to stand to close to because her husband forgot to remind her to brush her teeth this morning and she was too preoccupied remembering to put a diaper in the diaper bag to remember that. So oogle at the baby but stay away from the mommy. And yes, my husband has to remind me to take care of myself. One only wonders why he married such a gross and absent minded woman.

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