Friday, March 19, 2010

A List of Things to Do with Your Baby

Hubby seems to run out of ideas of things to do with the baby so I'm compiling a list for him and sharing it. Maybe you can add some to it.

1. sing
2. read books
3. bicycle legs
4. "two little black birds" hand game
5. "this little piggie went to market" game
6. chores
7. take a walk
8. give a bath
9. play peek-a-boo
10. raspberry's on tummy or tummy farts
11. go for a drive
12. tickle them
13. kiss all over them
14. baby message
15. talk to them
16. give a running dialogue of what's going on
17. feed them
18. burp them
19. change their diaper
20. jiggle them
21. swaddle them
22. try to get them to follow your finger
23. cuddle/hug them
24. lay beside them
25. tummy time
26. place hands on feet during tummy time to get them to push off

I've run out of ideas temporarily. I'll probably add more to this post later.

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