Monday, March 1, 2010

My List of Must Haves

I have a list of must haves for having a baby and since little guy is sleeping...

1. cloth diapers and the snuggest size covers and cloth wipes- you want a variety of sizes and at least 6 covers for each size
2. clothes- in a variety of sizes. Fortunately we haven't had to buy any clothes and won't until he's a toddler
3. a swing- the bouncy seat is only good for having a place to sit him down while I eat. the swing puts him to sleep
4. changing table- my bed already has spit up on the sheets. I like the changing table
5. A good bath tub- ours can be used in double or single sinks or the actual bath tub it also has a hammock so I can bath him without hubby around
6. a swaddling blanket- great for keeping him asleep or calming him down
7. a womb bear or other white noise- keep him from screaming to loud and keeping asleep. speaking of it died last night I need to replace the batteries
8. a bassinet with extra sheets- took a while but now he sleeps in it. I just get tired of rocking him so sometimes I lay him next to me in the bed. That works just as well.
9. a bottle- for pumping or the supplemental formula
10. a diaper bag- for on the go
11. a car seat- for on the go
12. a sling- for on the go ease
13. a wrap- for housework and taking long walks
14. a nursing pillow and extra cover- I can't live without my boppy
15. a rocker or glidder- for consoling and putting to sleep

I can't think of anything else and he just woke up. Please feel free to include your own ideas.

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  1. :-) That's a great list. Keep in mind it'll change lol... esp if you have more kids. What works for one... not always for another lol.

    For us...

    I'm looking fwd to the wraps & rocker. We had neither w/ Kalila. Had a hotsling that did not work for us (fit us badly) and our rocker was given to us when she was much older. I plan to make a lot of use of it this time though lol.

    Mylicon. For gassy tummies. I want to try an anise tea that I was told about this time, but Mylicon saved us w/ Kalila.

    Crib tent for when using crib... We have cats so it was very reassuring to have that backup.

    Sleep blankets. The kind that zip up since we can't use reg ones until they're older. I don't think this will be as much an issue w/ Zavier since he'll be born in April. Kalila was Sept and it got cold fast.

    Camera... for obvious reasons ;-)

    Something to do tummy time on.. we just use blankets... convienent because we were given a ton of them and was about all the use most of them got lol. She uses a few now though.

    The swaddeling blankets didn't work at all. She just hated being wrapped up like that.

    And the bouncer alone worked wonders for her.

    We used an on the bed co-sleeper instead of bassanet (space issues for one) and loved it.

    Boppie and me didn't get along lol. Kalila did use it as she got older though so it wasn't a total waste.

    The changing table did not work out for us lol. We've talked about trying it out agian w/ Zavier to see if we like using it w/ him. Is def possible, but we gave up early on w/ Kalila and changed her on the floor, bed & couch.

    Bottles I won't use until baby is older because too many probs can pop up from it... I wouldn't mind having them ready for when we start sending him to sitters but Jas has veto'd even getting them until then lol.

    We're trying a new style of tub this time too... we'll see how it works..5

    We never tried the soothing bear things. I have heard good things about them but we just never got one.

    I'm sure I'm missing stuff too. I wrote a post like this when Kalila was younger, I should go back and look at it lol


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