Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Son's Foot/Breast feeding

Yes, the picture to the right that has become a button is a picture of my son's foot. My friend took the picture (I was busy with other things placenta, sutures, etc). So I can't claim too much credit.

Oh and I've added links about breast feeding stuffs. Recently I bought some breast feeding friendly tank tops from motherhood (had to order them online because our store doesn't carry them). Summer is coming so....

Things you should consider having while breast feeding:
1) a breast feeding pillow- I own a boppy. It was a gift but there are others.
2) breast pump- I rented one for a while but I'm not into pumping but if you want to be away from baby for any length of time you should consider it. Medela makes great pumps but they are expensive.
3) nursing attire- you at least need a good nursing bra or two if not considering shirts and stuff
4) nursing cover- I don't have one. Blankets work just fine, but alas I just don't cover up at all. In our state it's totally legal. And milk shirts look really cool. Go to nursingcoversboutique and check it out.
5)nursing pads- yeah you have pads for your period now you need them for your leaky boobies. I made my own.
6) boobie cream- love lanolin types helps with your boobies when need toughing up in the beginning trying new latches and when just plain hurting from tons of nursing
7) ice/hot pack- for when your boobies hurt
8) ib profin and tylenol- for when your boobies really hurt

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  1. Yup.. Boppy and me didn't get along too well for that lol, but I know a lot of people find them helpful. We use nursing tanks and regular shirts, but I have nursing bras too. My favourites are from Target. I don't use a cover either... totally doable to be modest w/out one. I only needed lanisnoh for a few days, really just the night after I got home lol. Its good to keep around though. Need to stock up on pads too. I switched to cloth later on so don't have enough to really do for the beginning leak a lot stage. I want to get milkies too though (they store the leaking milk!).


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