Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nursing Dresses

So I've been checking out some maternity dresses since I love dresses and it's hard to nurse in one. You end up doing crazy things like pull the top down or over to the side which isn't comfortable and stretches the dress. So I bought one online from a Canadian company which is a little cheaper than buying from the US. This one was on sale because it was their last one. Oh, well the image is gone now. I bought it from bumblewee nursing company. It's for my son's baptism which is in April.

But here is another dress that I will probably buy in the future from a different company.

It's called the Juniper dress. You can buy it as Mother's Boutique and I've seen it at Mommy Gear. Check out both sites for more dresses.


  1. Cute! I usually do a skirt and nice top (or did when I was nursing and planned to again). I'll have to look into some of those for special occasions. If I can/need too lol. I think I might be able to convince my husband lol.

  2. Hi! This is Denise from BumbleWee Nursing Wear. Thank for the blog mention on your purchase from our site, we hope you like the dress! We are planning on beefing up our selection of dresses over the next few weeks, when we do I will let you know! We'll send along a coupon code for your readers as well. I'll keep you posted.



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