Thursday, March 25, 2010

Recall Update

So I went on the Infantino website after calling their hotline. Initially I was patched through to a lawyers office who told me that they were getting mixed up calls all day. Then I got the hotline which told me to go to the website.

First you have make doubly sure that your sling is being recalled (mine is the one used in the photos of all the press releases so duh). And then you have to cut off part of the strap with the logo, then fill out a form, pick out your replacement, and print off the form and the shipping label. Shipping is prepaid, but you have to have your own envelope and you have to drop it off at the post office.

The replacements are a 2 in 1 shopping cart cover/boaster seat cover, a mei tei (they call it something else but that's what it is), and a 3 in 1 gym that grows with the baby. You also get a rattle (I guess to make up for that fact that you have to use your own envelope). Hubby wanted the gym; I wanted the mei tei. I didn't want the gym because the baby has me and a bunch of toys. I'm more entertaining. The mei tei is better because I was eyeing one the other day anyway. It's a lot easier to tie the baby on your back using one of those. And I would get more stuff done around the house with him piggy back style then in front of me. I have trouble reaching around him and leaning forward. The shopping cart cover is a wash. We don't eat out often enough. We have blankets. The baby screams in the shopping cart when he can't see me. When he's older, they have shopping carts that have what look like cars in the front for toddlers. He can sit in that.

And that's the update. I need to do a load of diapers and what not. But before I go special thanks to Mom who gave me the recall info in an e-mail.

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  1. Wow. That seems like a lot of work lol. I would pick the mei tei too probably. As much as a hassle as that sounds though, at least it sounds somewhat organized. We had bibs and stuff that got recalled and noone would take them back despite policy saying they were supposed too. It was awful.


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