Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why I don't believe in prayer in public school?

Gasp!? Yes, I don't believe in prayer in public school. Why?

Because the public school in the Bible belt that I went to forced me to have public prayer at every football game. That's right I was in the band and before the national anthem I had to stand in front of a bunch of people at attention and listen to prayer from the local minister. The priest never said a prayer at a football game and I suspect that he was never asked. So I as a Catholic was offended. Why did the Baptist minister or the Methodist minister get to say a prayer? Why couldn't the Catholic priest or the Lutheran minister or the Presbyterian minister or the Jewish rabbi, or the Muslim Imam etc get an opportunity? I wasn't given the right as a student to opt out or my religious affiliation represented.

Oh sure we had prayer in the band before taking the field. But our band director made sure that our one Jewish student also got to lead in the prayer.

And since I've been back home and sat a football game. I'm pretty sure they don't have prayer at the football game.

And a rival school that I student taught at only held a moment of silence each morning.

So while I have no problem with being able to pray privately and if you want to with someone privately. I have a problem with public prayers in public schools because I was discriminated against. Fair is fair. You're going to end up offending someone so you just can't have public prayer in a public school.

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  1. Ouch I'm sorry! We had a.. .I can't remember her title, but she led stuff like that in the choir (was a girl my last year lol, is the only one I remember but we always had the position). The director was Methodist so the position was always given to a Methodist... as was most of the solo opportunities and the special groups. :-/

    I agree though. I don't think it should be exactly the way it is in some places (ie get in trouble or not allowed to pray at all), but no it shouldn't be forced on students esp when its focused on one group.


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