Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby's First Laugh

When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. From Peter Pan by James M. Barrie

I saw some fairies sprout from the baby today. We were playing with some of the baby's toys. Well actually I was playing with them and showing HB how they worked. We got to the elephant that you pull and it shakes. And he laughed twice. Not this half exasperated thing or sort of chuckle like I've been noticing. It was a full on giggle. Twice. The first time it happened I thought "was that a laugh" and the second time confirmed it. I wonder if his laugh is going to be a bit like his smile and coo. It happens a few times and slowly becomes a normal occurance. We'll see. But after that he was bored with the elephant, promptly became fussy, and declared that it was time for his third day time nap.


  1. Awww... Gotta love the laughs!

  2. Yup, my breast feeding support group (bfsg) has a bunch of newbies meaning new moms with young babies. We tend to loose "members" when moms go back to work. I say members because it's come and go. We don't sign anything or pay anything. of the newbies had a 3 week old. Somehow we were talking about how to survive the crying and I said that you live for the first smile. She ask what you live for after that and I said the first laugh.

    Now I guess I'm living for the roll overs. I think that's the next milestone. He's already trying to sit himself up so rolling over should be happening in the next month. Although I know he won't get it down until he's closer to 4 months. But every baby progresses differently.

    Should be going to bed soon. He went to bed really early today. I'm trying to sort of figure out a sleeping schedule that would work better for him. So far we haven't really had a sleeping schedule but he's been so fussy in the evening. So I'm trying to figure out if it's fatigue. We'll see.

  3. Aww.. Its true you really do look forward to all those little things. It helps.

    Good luck w/ the sleep schedule thing. I hope for your sake he doesn't do like Kalila (everyone is diff so is def possible, I'm hoping Zavier isn't like this either).. Every time we'd get one down w/ her she'd change it up. I think it was harder than not having one... I wish I could say that she's grown out of it, but she really hasn't. Now she's a little more consistent, but not where I'd like her to be w/ it either.

  4. I've been writing it down every day just to keep tabs on how long he sleeps and when he sleeps. It should (cross fingers) get more consistent in a couple of weeks when he turns three months. And we've pretty much kicked him out of our bed. But we're hoping as soon as the part comes in we can move him to his crib in his room. It doesn't fit in our room and hubby would like to sleep in his own bed. And the baby's getting rocked to sleep until he's drowsy. He's still too young to put down awake and expect to fall asleep on his own without a lot of help.


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