Monday, April 5, 2010

Ban the Bleach Campaign

So today on the Bonnie Hunt show they actually addressed bleach usage. Bonnie says that she doesn't use bleach or ammonia only Distilled White Vinegar. During the segment, a lady named Elizabeth Rogers featured ways to be green and save some green (you know money). She wrote a book called Shift your Habit which I'll probably get and read. The tips seem really cool. During the show, she explained how you can clean your fruits and veggies so they keep longer, how to revive your cereal, and how to make eco-friendly window cleaner using water, DWV, and rubbing alcohol.

On the flip side, Better Holmes and Gardens featured an article about your kitchen. Throughout the article, it talked about disinfecting with, you guessed it, bleach. I plan on writing a letter to the editor saying how dangerous that stuff is especially since many of the articles and its readers have children or are for children.

At some point I plan on starting a petition to the makers of Clorox and Lysol who use bleach and ammonia in their products.

But for now, I've taken pictures and will be uploading buttons under the Ban the Bleach Campaign page.

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  1. Nice!

    I actually use a glass cleaner w/ that recipe (or similar one.. same ingredients). It works really well. Interested about the keeping veggies & fruits good longer thing. They go bad so quickly here. We're moving soon, but still have a bit to go and can't afford to waste as much food as we do because of it.


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