Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blending Faiths

People often ask, "What's your sign?" They are referring to your Zodiac sign usually. Even Christian people follow their horoscope and comb the newspaper to read what the "predictions" for the weeks will be. The Zodiac horoscopes are so vague. And because of the movement of the Earth we are no longer born under that particular constellation anymore. I'm not into the Zodiac. I don't pay attention to it and I don't think it's the Christian thing to do. What's my son's sign? No clue. They posted it in the hospital's mother/baby ward. Did I read it? Heck no.

Other things about other religions I like. Like the concept of dream catchers. Does it actually catch bad dreams? No. But it's a great visual for a child who had a bad dream. You can hang it above their bed and say that it has caught too many bad dreams already and needs to be "cleaned." Simply take it down and shake it out and say "see. All clean. Now you'll only get pleasant dreams."

The priest at the parish that I used to work for had a ring with a depiction of the Man in the Maze, another Native American legend. At one end is a man standing and before him is the Labyrinth of life. When he reaches the center, he has found his dreams and goals. The man has one final opportunity to look back at the maze he has traveled before he moves on into the after life. It's very beautiful and very spiritual. I believe that every life has a purpose and it's nice to think that we can look back at our life before being greeted by God.

Maybe it's pagan and sinful of me to like these things, but hey the Easter bunny is totally pagan and so is the Christmas tree.

BTW the picture is of the Man and the Maze, and I took the picture at San Xavier Mission, which is a Catholic mission on a Native American reservation.


  1. I don't do the sign thing either... I have serious issues w/ it actually because my Grandfather was so wrapped up in it. He couldn't make it through the day w/out reading his horoscope and swore it was true. So an entire day was made or ruined by some writing in a newspaper. I always shook my head over it, but right before Confirmation one of the teachers brought it up and explained why those things were wrong & it really clicked.

    Now things that can be used to explain our own beliefs (like you mentioned) are a diff story. Personally I don't care for the Easter Bunny lol... really see no symbolism there. But still...

    I like the man/maze one too.. hadn't seen that (despite being a good part NA) - assuming its from a diff tribe than me lol. I love dream catchers too... Used to make them but no time anymore.

  2. Are you Tohono O'odham? That's the tribe for the Man in the Maze.

  3. Nope.. :-) I knew it had to be one I'm not lol. I'm extremely mixed... Out of the NA side I have Cherokee, Choctaw, Sioux, Crow, Mascalero Apache, and possibly Chickasaw. For the longest time I thought Comanche too because my mom's family used it to explain my great grandmothers skin colour... I proved that wrong by accident this summer lol. The first 5 we know for sure though.


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