Thursday, April 22, 2010

HB and Earth Day

Kill me Kill me now. No, I'm not suicidal just really really really frustrated. Not only is the whole God thing driving me nuts. I have a very very very needy baby who has decided that he does not like his daddy. And he's not having it. He wants his mommy and that's the only person for him. And it's been this way for three months almost. And so he's currently screaming his head off. But he didn't like me in the beginning either. So much for a pleasant quiet Earth Day.

Wait...wait...he's calmed down only b/c Hubby is walking around the room with him. That's the only thing he lets him do with him. I can read books, sing, talk, and not one peep. Hubby does that. We have a riot on our hands. Geez.

Oh, oh, oh wait. He's fallen asleep for like the millionth time today. Nope. Short sleep.

Well I'm not getting much. And he hasn't got a schedule whatsoever. I've been documenting it to try and see if there is some sort of pattern to it. There isn't one. But at least he's sleeping in his bassinet and not with me in bed anymore. So that's a plus. Hubby can get into his old bed again. Here's the schedule:

6:30am wakes up
9-9:45 naps
12:00-1:00 naps
3:00-4:00 naps
7:00 pm out for the night (well he does have a couple of feeding each night but goes back to sleep which is why I know that he can use a day time schedule because he has a night one)

6:30 wakes up
8:30-10:00 nap
12:00-2:00 nap
4:00-5:00 nap
7:15 out for the night

5:30 am wakes up (yes, 5:30 that's why I'm exhausted)
7:30-8:30 nap
10:00-11:00 nap
2:00-3:00 nap
5:00-5:30 nap
(that's right four naps)
7:45 out for the night (and I can barely keep it together)

6:30 wakes up
8:00-8:30 nap
11:00-11:40 nap
2:00-2:20 nap
5:00 dozed
8:00 out for the night

total mahem I won't even tell you how much he's dozed on and off

So based on this erratic schedule and his sleep patterns of the past here's my plan to be implemented tonight (because the books say it's easier to establish a pattern starting at night sleep than trying to so starting with naps).

His butt is going to be in bed at 8:00pm.

Wake up time: 6:00 am
1st nap: 8:00-9:00am
2nd nap: 11:30am-1:30pm
3rd nap: 4:00pm-5:00pm
Bed time: 8:00pm

Everything I've read says that if babies (3 months +) don't have a set schedule of sleep and they are exhausting themselves (like today), then you should set one up as close to what they would naturally set for themselves. And then stick to it. Because after a while, their bodies will get used to it and they will fall asleep immediately. If, however, they are not sleeping right away, get them up and retry later or in the case of naps skip it and set them up to sleep at the next nap time. Wake them up and don't let them doze otherwise it messes them up (like today).

Eat: Eating is great. He's a snacker and he eats more quickly now. I don't have to sit there for half an hour. It's more like fifteen minutes. I've been feeding him before he naps and after so he's getting quite a bit.

Poop: His poop is a bit like an adults. Some days he poops a ton right after he eats. Other days he poops once or twice. But he pees often so it's not a problem. And he's gaining weight. We've had to move him into the 3-6months outfits.

And diapers: I like the Thirsties. There are some downers though. Pros: thinner than the Bummis and the gussets are nice because the diaper doesn't stick out although Bummis makes a diaper with gussets they are more expensive than the Thirsties Cons: their duo wraps run small, even the site says that you shouldn't use them as a night diaper cover, and their regular covers don't line up with the sizes that other cover companies use. If I had it to do-over, I think the Thirsties are great when you need a thin diaper cover, but I also like the Bummis size set ups. I think that I would buy the Thirsties duo and some of the Bummis Brights and call it a day.

And the wash: I recently read the fine print on my new laundry detergent that is supposed to be eco-friendly. It has a natural fabric softener (so that's why the diapers have been leaking a lot lately). So I went and made my own. I couldn't find washing soda (granted I didn't call every grocery store in town I just checked the closest ones) so I substituted baking soda. I just can't use DWV in the wash. Rats. So I made it with borax, baking soda, and Zote. It was real easy to make and took no time at all. I used an old box of laundry detergent to put it in and threw in an old measuring spoon (we had like three). The diapers have come out great. I've even used TTO once with no problem and I've also used bluing because the covers, which are white, were starting to look very dingy. And I got bluing on one of the covers. Oh La. It'll come out eventually.

And that's been what's going on.

Oh, and congrats to Hubby's cousin who had a baby girl this week. 7 lbs 12 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She's making HB sound like a chunky baby. Well he was pretty chunky.

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  1. Sleep - Hugs. I know its rough

    Food - Nice!

    Diapers - I liked the Bummi's at first too, but they end up not lasting as long... They wear out very quickly, I've got major repairs to make on mine... and Thirsties sized covers fit longer because of having a diff fit than the other covers. I found that to be a huge advantage. Sad about the Duo thing though, we have no x-small or small covers so we'll see what happens w/ those. We do have some wool covers we were given so I plan to use those at nights anyway. For now lol.

    Wash - Watch out for the Zote... its a soap and soap is a nono w/ diapers. We used a diff brand for awhile and didn't notice anything at first, but after awhile they constantly needed stripping. I love my homemade detergent too, but... I had to find a new diaper recipe. What I'm using now is borax, oxiclean free & washing soda.


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